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It read read the transcript for yourself. It's available. What he said that I mean the number? The the money wasn't even mentioned in it. The the aid was not spelled out all right you need to do this. Investigation of Joe Biden so that I can beat him in the upcoming election or you will will not receive the four hundred million in military assistance. It was never spoken ever okay but but the premise. You're losing sight. It's not trump trump. Did something impeachable. It's the maxine waters principle that we're going to find something either way he's gone right that's all they're operating on it is. It doesn't matter what the facts are. It's just can we convince sixty seven senators to agree with this and the answer is no they can't they can't I mean there's no way they can they can even get to a majority let alone sixty seven so you know I mean you. Can you can argue this for another year if you want to. You're not gonNA convince six. They're going to they. Probably when this when this gets defeat. Start something else in the next couple of weeks They'll do something else. Something's already in the works. Absolutely it is you have to. Yeah no this. Absolutely after Saturday's trial session which ended early to allow Democrats to hit the campaign trail. Joe Manchin said trump's legal team did such a good job. That's our arguments are making me. Think about things should your senator. It's your job. Think about things he's been. I'm glad you're finally coming around to that. Well they're doing such a good job of thinking about things. Yeah what what a concept in a trial you would think about the things. Okay but hey at least at least. He's on his right yes he said one thing stuck in my mind and that is that there isn't a witness. They have had so far that had direct contact with the president. Yes Joe Mansion for you. Yup I'd love to hear from Mulvaney and Bolton Will Bolton didn't have direct. He didn't have direct contact with trump on this on this call. He wasn't on the call and he wasn't part heart of any of this Ukraine thing as far as I know at least according to President trump moderate Senate Democrat Doug Jones from Alabama has also signalled a willingness to remain impartial and consider voting to acquit trump. I'm hoping to hear the facts and the rebuttal from the president so I think that's only appropriate nice. Then you've got of course on the other side. Mitt Romney who signalled signaled that he'd like to hear from witnesses. I WanNa hear from more witnesses like John Bolton thank you man yeah well. Apparently the bulletin related breaking news today. Is this a New York Times report. That came out late last night. That says that he thinks there's a link. Well let's see. Ah this is Fox News Story. Let's see included a claim. This is a book. Bulletins manuscript for a book apparently was just submitted it includes includes claim that trump explicitly linked to hold on Ukraine aid to an investigation of one hundred and trump told bulletin in August according to a transcript of bulletins forthcoming book reviewed by The Times Times quote that he wanted to continue freezing three hundred ninety one million dollars insecurity assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the binds unquote and. That's nuts in the manuscript of Bolton Book about the come out well if it's in a manuscript of Bolton book take that right to the bag well that's what you that's what they're hoping moves the needle today. Oh it's not going to. I hope I mean that's what's that scant. That's nothing that's nothing burger just like the rest of the stuff and let's just say that this is absolutely accurate. Fine whatever who cares I know well it has nothing to do with the election. It has everything to do with the misuse of the vice presidential office. Yes by the predecessor. Joe Biden that's correct correct. This has the take twenty twenty out of this. We're looking at corruption. That happened in the past. Will you investigate that for us. Because we gotta root out of our government I mean this is the US Treasury. It's so easy to just put this in the context of US interest. It's in the interest of the country. Not just a person not just donald trump. It's in the interest of the country. To root out. Corruption Ukraine was a funnel for corruption of the last administration. And everybody knows it everybody knows so why. Why do we have this sham continuing to go a month after month after month? you know. They're so puzzled. That the that the spectator gallery in the Senate is is half empty. They don't understand why. Why aren't people watching our show? Boating here where is everybody. Oh come cobbler not watch and what we're doing. We're making history for these people. These ingrates don't even show up. Watch US play with their fidget spinners. I Love I love the fact that nobody's very few people are watching on TV. And they're certainly not showing up in the gallery. Why because they don't care if done done? If an impeachment happens in the senate and nobody shows up but did it happen you know. I think most people just made up their minds already ready. Okay we got it all right. We understand there was no quid pro quo. We're not concerned about this. We've we've got an election coming up in November. We want to remove him we will. Why don't you leave that to US seriously? I mean remember last week we had a shift saying that affectively thing. We can't wait till November. Yeah we can't let it can. We can't let the people decide because he's going to steal that election if we do. That's his inference. And it's despicable it's un-american it's pathetic meanwhile president trump showed up at the march for life. This is the first sitting president to attend one of these marches. While George Bush didn't do this No certainly Obama. Didn't you know that you know Clinton wouldn't did go on. Was it going on when each. W is there or Reagan. It's it's hard to believe but on the right remember. I think it goes back to Reagan. And he didn't even do it. Remember the it used to be much more more. I don't know counter even to the Republican Party to be pro-life so I guess it was sticking your neck out this has been going on since nineteen seventy four the first march for life so even before Reagan well Carter and Ford as well none of them. Wow Ford Carter order. Reagan h.w Clinton W Bush Obama seven. US presidents didn't bother to go. This one did and and when you say what can you say anything. Nice about trump. Well he shows up here he speaks at this event and he's a he's a big fan of Israel more than any predecessor as well. I mean there's so many think has done that previous presidents. Absolutely have not. Here's what he said the The Majesty of God's creation when we hold a newborn in we know the endless love the each child brings to a family..

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