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Newsradio nine seventy dollars in Ferndale. Police continue looking for the person who is leaving nails in the road. It happened for the second time in two weeks on Monday night. Someone dropping piles of nails around the Ferndale. Police department and forty third district courthouse in the first incident. Three cars were damaged sergeant Barron. Brown says this is extremely dangerous. It becomes an issue where somebody gonna suffer some sort of medical emergency or tragedy because we can't get where we need to be. Because we have flat tires more tolerance that are responding. It is very clear that they're deliberately in strategically placed in snails in areas that they know we travel unfortunately, Brown says their security cameras were undergoing maintenance. So they weren't able to get footage of the suspect. So anyone with information on these incidents is asked to call Ferndale police or crime? Stoppers at one eight hundred speak up, the former Comerica park employees who was caught on tape. Spitting in pizza has been sentenced twenty year old. Jalen curly will not go to jail. Instead, he'll be serving eighteen months of probation. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of food law violation curly tested positive for hepatitis HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. WW? Jane news time, eight twelve a major multi-million dollar project underway in Highland Park to help transform early childhood education. Here's w w J's. Vicki thomas. Wayne metro community action agency showing off a two point five million.

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