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To that will we have the beaches shutdown sunday we have a budget impasse new jersey will we have another chris christie moment get the hell off the beach except for i'm allowed to stay you have to get off alice stockton rosie is at the scene of the infamous chris christie beach share a photo as use an island state park is places beautiful today what's gonna happen sunday alice i don't know what's going to happen sunday but the memories of what happened last year are still very fresh and particularly the minds of business owners here it was just people wanting to go somewhere and had no place to go was terrible it was horrible and just you know all these businesses down here bum rogers jr appear house they were just all basically at a standstill usually any nice weekend yeah places loaded with people nobody here just this is what you what you see right now this is what you had this quiet last year to beaches close definitely business was off we definitely had some problems and it just wasn't fair to the people at the state of new jersey just not right have a budget by midnight tomorrow that we're going to have a repeat come sunday also be a gorgeous day he was going to be in the upper nineties here in the city i can only imagine what a beautiful day it will be down on the beach it's gotta be perfect down at the beach for a second to be perfect if people are not going to be allowed to sit you know go to the state parks and all that last guy you're hurt he owns appear house here and yeah last year a lot of business raising taxes of course it's gonna hurt business i'm against raising minimum wages minimum wages were meant to protect minors it's not meant to be a living wage what about.

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