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They were down from previous years increase in women's has now how much of your of your listener listening is commute driven because I wonder like when we come out of this in the new normal People are gonNA. Be Commuting as much for a long time about whether podcasts overall sector will sort of stagnate because of that. Yeah. The majority was commute. Now, it's all over the map. I would say that Manica still largely listen to in the morning. It's a ritual people. But. Yeah I mean I. Don't think like eventually when commutes come back. Totally like people are gonNA WANNA listen to podcasts the best place to listen to podcasts in the car on the subway. Are News shows have shifted a lot. So. The we have a couple of shows where like the audiences, the audience that watches MSNBC. So you have messing message on while you're eating your breakfast like why would you also listen to this podcast? It's forty minutes about the same exact topic. We're already getting so much news information elsewhere that I think committing time to a news podcast that might have been commute. It's hard like those audiences have suffered are narrative nonfiction work. It's just listened to at different times of the day. It's still entertainment happens on people's walks at happens near cooking dinner But we'll see we'll see like I think that that will come back come us come back. which I think they will. So. Yeah. I think so I hope so. So. Final thing is. Would love to hear some thoughts about being this your first time founder right and and you guys are bootstrapping. It's. The hardest of the heart of the hard and media's are. bootstrapping is hard. Talk to me about what has surprised you I mean that you didn't expect. Going into this that. That's been your experience. I guess what's been surprising that? Well, there's two things. One is podcast specific. I have the same exact marketing playbook as you sh-. We have the same exact marketing playbook as Michelle Obama podcast. They have a bigger budget than we do, but we're all doing the same stuff to try to get listeners and I think that's true. Not just in terms of our podcast Pacific Marketing in a lot of the things that we do and just because I'm a first time founder and just because our team is small and like. All the time we have fewer resources like. The thing that's been surprising. We're not doing things any differently than the giants out there and nobody has it figured out like this may sound cliche but I have been I have been surprised at the fact that like..

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