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Into all the cool opportunities to bring it to you whether it's a job or an opportunity to work from home or like what amy's going to present today a little opportunity to maybe think about writing your book. That is so exciting. So i'm going to turn it over to lady liu right now and we're going to whip right into it. yes wonderful. Thank you marian. We still appreciate all the good work. Marianne does with the technology and we welcome you amy. Please tell us how to pronounce your last name. I don't want to slaughter it now. So my last name is ravi chandran. And it's a lot more difficult than i maidan name so i went from four letters to like sixteen. I totally understand. You can just call me amy har- to like a winter and we do have sound effects dogs barking in children and children having phone. The only thing we're missing is my cat. That'll be next right. He made them. But that just says we're working from home and we love inch and we want you to love it too because marian has some beautiful opportunities for working from home today. And we've got over. I'm gonna say fifty shows of work almost fifty shows that we've done previously. They've called work. what are we. What are we used to call it. Mary and work from home from home so go to our youtube channel and type in mary and lasalle in the browser on youtube and click on her picture in. It'll take you straight to natural curiosity. You can choose from any one of our programs. We've got a hundred and fifty or more of them over there already. She and i have done and she got a lot more that she did before. I came on board. So we'd love for you to go over there and share. Oh my goodness please share our stuff is. That's how everybody gets to know things. And if we don't know we don't know so we are so glad you're here. We found out about you through our france. sandy lawrence. you're unused and you're you're wear now. I live in bryan college station up the road from me back. Wait yeah there. You know it's different. I lived down in league city..

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