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You you're not you want to know for your south by bobby. Can you look it up for me. Real quick can you look it up for me because now i just want to know the facts of how. Many people died of the vaccine. That's simple simple. Question is should be a simple answer to the simple question. And i know. I know that we have our opinions about the whole situation. It's just a simple question. And i took a woman die. I'm not talking about facility talking about as far as an opinion of facts out. Let's shut out. Because i need a wish you up chat room been chat with take ten chapel heart a chat room. Let's go might set a where where the heart sat read heart set where a heart away. Hey what's up. It's hard to find those songs on their label. He knows sacked chat room heart set in the chat room in the chat room. Heart chat room. Hey quit then let's go. Hey red hearts away parts court. He read heart set away. Walk away was. Hey hey warning. We have made you jones in the building. Hey nathan you morning you shall out to zagan zala up girl he Randy montgomery is here. Hey good morning We have leshan hanes jones in the building. What's up the showing more to you. Shout out to Terrible lea- least got us in the building check out his baby registry and chat room Sweet baby shower will be on the show. September third So we want to less than with some wonderful gifts so check that out. All right and the announcement. Section in the agr- net natalie. Right is here. Hey natalie morning shutout to a young nut. Hey you're gonna good morning. Four people died in pennsylvania yesterday after they got from even though they had to go vision cove it. They died from complications in covert even though the day was right even though they're back saying right they doubt of cove it at before. The show is out. Find out how many people doubted a vaccine download. They had on here. That that's the question. Yeah did that came up though nothing he just kept saying that people died from so conquers cova after having vaccines along Put this guy in the building. Good morning mr robinson nessa. Rondo was here hager. You're not boom halen that they you go. Hey hey jamaica love in the building hacia. Mika good morning how are you. Shut out to the guy. Five of sola tracy ray. Hey tracy but tissue brisk was in the building. The sean olivarez here hager hagge one. Investi derek Loss in it in the bill day because you have chat room member of the week. Hey could you chat room. You really can't call in sir. And i and i aim at as you get your money work. I understand. we've had some chat who members of the week who called in the basement and a bathroom running outside running leaving conference rooms to get you know to talk to you. Know have this speech about being chapel member. We and they are some folks that this can't do it. And i just come to the conclusion that derek lawson. Who's a good friend of mine who i've known for over thirty years. He can't he can't call him. But if you can five seven. Zero ninety two six nine five zero. How about that trump. He's gonna call on saturday. he added. Call me after work then at least dirt. Call me were. Why don't you just call me. How about that and the alliance here. What's up darrell brooklyn cakes in the building. Hey brooklyn out. To the marvis de rodriguez. Shayla hall is here for marlin shayla. Julius ganesha it's in the building what's up. how are you today. Tracy burks in the building. Hey tracy thank you so much real conflict. He's always so nice me tracy. where are you from. Yeah you marry dixon. Do we got a little crush on you. Sandy question. tracy where are you from tracy. He's still there. Hold on second sean. Tesol show city barbie paula. Oh turn down the phone. We have to listen to us on your phone. Not the not the device. Are you there out here. Okay right. I shall have him on the show. Cb wishing he hello me talking to you. You're now you're on the air now. Hi my name. Is natalie and i'm from new york. Hey natalie god bless you go wait wait wait a minute where did you. How did you find out about this show on facebook. Okay god bless. I got okay. I wanted to talk about the vaccine. The vaccine is a personal choice. This is how we look at it. I work in a hotel in new york and right now we're covered with homeless and they haven't even gave them the vaccine but yet it's mandatory foss the working people to get this shop. I personally have it to protect me and my family but at the end of the day. It's a personal choice.

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