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The Paris from the face of the earth that is true the only Tommy Aaron John jastremski. Show you will never hear from the great off Donald doesn't lead. The jet to the last. Thing John I'm out of your way I'm so sick and tired of all the media going after. Urban Meyer leave the man. Alone that's my man leave him alone lamb coaches all sides stay Buckeye I'm, so sick and tired of the media and John you've been, watching to pal Jamal Jamal is on his Serban Maya crusade. And urban Meyer he's gotta. Get his house in order and urban Meyer needs to know what's going on sister coaches before. You could get, back coaching on, college football, and he's, a great. Coach there's no denying that and Jamal sip in the, sand Donald Kool-Aid Donald fan Funny, moose went on us and why about two weeks ago and said that the jets. Will win a Super. Bowl with Sam darnold quarterback Baltic am I willing to. Go that far no not so fast because the history of the franchise sorry until I see a quarterback when a Super Bowl for the New York, Jets I will not predict. That quarterback to win a SuperBowl for the New York, Jets just, being fair He's going to be the real deal though I'm a believer in Sam darnold then the more? And more I see it the more and more I think he's. Starting week one against the lots eight seven seven hundred thirty seven sixty six sixty six a lot more on the. Baseball LA more on the footballs were? Getting, ready for week one of the NFL you got. The preseason tuneup of the Snoopy ball next week and are you concerned that these, giant star players have been on the field in the preseason give you my answer. Right after this Here's some information you can earn loyalty points at b. dubs with blazinrewards and if you hurry you. Can earn these points by eating. Wings wraps burgers and more plus like a QB's top. Receiver b-dubs has the perfect wing sauce pairing for everyone's pallet with twenty one signature. Sauces.

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