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So exhausted now. I know don't know why. I don't know why I leaned into that apparently see this is why should the on twitter because? I'm here for it. Oh it's just you know dougie there's no I know this everything I understand understand. The challenge I believe this week. I think it's Alexs challenge changes week the challenge this week. Excuse me as I opened my instruments for this challenge was to just stick something in your nose and things to put your news nichols. God's Grace Yup. Yup. CAIN. Oh i. I'm very curious what scenario powder feels like because I just I'm GonNa, get I'm GonNa get this I'm going to get this off my chest once for I tried cocaine once. I did it. I think I might have done it wrong because I didn't feel shit and I went straight to sleep. Oh, that's. Disappointing. Though. She'd been there with me everybody having coke. Yeah. I might have gotten the Diet version of gotten to know Kane the. Introducing Diet cocaine. God It's it's Diet coke it was like who's going to drink this? The coke zero there's no way. There's no sugar. There's no caffeine like, why are you drinking this? Because it's Legis I hate I hate the heroin but I love the track marks. Blue. I'm Blue Chew. Cocaine. Oh So far eight doctor or I'm sorry not Dr. One of their experts has not gotten me gotten back to me yet, but I'm waiting this little chat. Oh, you're talking about the the online providers yes. The on line providers specialist will be with me shortly but. I'll follow up with that later. For this for this challenge, it was mostly inspired by a shark tank product that. Like a few years ago and then was actually released old boom boom which is. I think it's called an inhaler is. Is. It's not like like an aerosol asthma, but I used to get the vix version of this when I was a kid. So it is. Yeah the Penis Look Dingus, you put in your nose and you inhale and you get. Usually a smell at least plus some kind of a slightly functional. Usually menthol thing right. Okay. But. It. Doesn't I don't fucking know you sent me. I'm just trying to describe the what we're talking about. Before we get into the boom boom family of products saying boom boom won't be clear to people unless. Penis. dzhokay. So the Vicks Vapor Rub, sniffy stuff you sent me a link to that and I god I received that as well. Best love these. I don't understand what it's. Like. Clears you don't really you don't understand. Did you read the outside of the Piss? Yes. Can you agree that in the notion is that it helps clear out your sinuses or to clear your breathing. How is this different than? Not a not flown. Well. nonprescription flonase. It's just the smell but people used to do used to be only concert you. What medium size cereal bowl are you living in? I'm sorry. How do you know about things? vix Is a thing he used to be Vicks Vapor Rub and there's no art. Yes and you would rub it and your grandmother would lovingly rub it on your chest. Yes. You Rub it on your chest or similar or under your nose directly if you're a real baller. Carmax my nose. That's my gym. Accidentally pull out a hair or just as a prophylactic. Well about with but yeah. And so yeah, I in seventh grade I used to use these when I was in a doesn't matter that was military school. But that was my vintage for the inhalers and I don't know if they do much. But boy these boom booms or something who did you get them? I, sure did I have not tried them yet. But they arrived Friday evening. I can save you the trouble a no no I just. Okay. Well, do you have a suggestion of what I should try first because I've tried none of absolutely absolutely none of them. Okay. So all have you ever walked into a bathroom where somebody just took an epic tragic shit like a bone chilling shit. And then they sprayed that inexpensive air freshener that's in there, and then you walk in after and what you smell is an ethically tragic huge shit plus. This. Not Shit. Smell went away. It's just that. Now there's two smells regular expressions. Now you've got two problems. So these are basically it. It's kind of like a menthol inhaler, but if somebody. You know put in like some some. kool-aid powder or something. Become become indifferent. So these are the same form factor very then might be manufactured by the same I. Yeah. I'm having them like like down to the little like lake gripping. At. Ovens. They look very similar. moxie breathe I. Don't know what that's going to be. But Oh, what is what am I holding now? I'm using my way will long-term stroke I think what is it? What moxie breathe is just another natural inhaler product that I got on Amazon's. Sorry sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Gripping of it. That's worth. So. Cute. I barely read these because I don't have my glasses on I've got three boom boom. This one is. To. Wake No, we're actual name of the flavor. Sinner, sinner meant really. In a mint. This other one is other boom boom is flavored sin high. Got It. Cinnamon Cinnamon. This is hard to read clip be corona. I can't really read it. No krant cream cream jammer anyway glasses on and there's an orange one. I see I have I've got Berry Mellon trump winter mint. And regular meant but I wanna try here where's the Berry? So how do you? Like don't wear to colognes don't worry. Don't mix your sense I mean like that. This is a really a poster for that like e e go with cinnamon or go with Menthol I would not go with cinnamon menthol. I'm going to my plan was to just cleanse between each with a vicks inhaler because that seems to be the like. I what's in this? I've been just a little might be just a little chunk of menthol. Up Science time I'm never GONNA use these booms boom fucking crack him open. If we can do cutting myself I'm going to inhale some berry. Cutting. Doubter. Oh my God. Are you supposed to just do one? Thank you supposed to do it that hard? Alex. You need to be in a relationship with I gotTA. Balancing the other one. Duck. Oh. God. Okay. When you take this out of the thing, it smells so bad. Oh, this tropical Oh God oh I don't WanNa Kinda. Jolly Bridge Yours are inviting. No. Yup. Emits. Jolly rancher. Is What? Okay. Hold on let me. Oh. Why is.

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