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Date, Tara is on the phone and she went to a concert with dude named Ben. And she got ditched he said he had to go to the bathroom and then left and she hasn't heard from him since. And if you're listening to the first part, I said earlier, this is proof that you shouldn't let people leave to go to the bathroom. Do it right there in front of I take that back. That's a little bit extreme. But I think from now on if you're on a date and somebody says after go to the bathroom, you simply just follow them into the bathroom. No. They won't leave you much better idea. Terry wanna try that next time? Yes. I'm taking notes. Okay. Good. Have you ever been ditched before on a date know, what never I'm usually the one that does the ditching even more confusing? How how long did you wait at the concert before you realize? Oh my God. He's just gone. I mean, I was still really enjoying their show. So I definitely say till the end like, oh, I don't know you people around me. So you still enjoyed the concert at least. Oh, I like your attitude like I said, I really just want to know. Why would ditch me everything seemed like it was going? So all right, cool. I'm gonna his phone number right now. And see if we can figure it out for you. Here we go. Hello. How can I speak? The Ben please. Yeah. Hello, ben. Hi, how are you today? On doing. Okay. The is Spanish for you. I'm sorry. What? Oh, sorry. I should have introduced myself. This is Jubal from Brooke and Jubal in the morning. The radio show. Okay. Okay. Cool. Well, I'm calling you today. Because one of our listeners actually emailed us asking if we get in touch with you. I don't really know why that's happening. But. Well, that's what we're here for do. A segment on our show called the second date update. That's where somebody goes out on a date. And then the person doesn't call them back after they can Email us to get that person on the phone and ask what happened. So you went on a date recently with your own. I'm tara. Yeah. I I I I did she she wants you to call me. Yeah. Because she's been trying to get a hold of you. But you haven't answered any of calls or anything. That she's a bit of a weird accent? Is a weirdo. Yeah. Yeah. We're that you've made out with. No, no, we're that. I absolutely did not make out with. Well. She told us that you did make out kissed. I don't know where that idea came from a concert with her. Oh, I did go to a concert with her. Yeah. That's true. But there was there was no making out at this concert. Okay. Well, her story doesn't really match yours than other than the concert thing. So she's telling you that I made out with her. Yeah. She says that you went to a concert guys made out. And then shortly after that, you went to the bathroom and disappeared. Okay. No, wait. No. What you already said. No on the kissing. Did you deter though, did you go to the bathroom and deter? I didn't go to the bathroom. I guess speaking. I ditched her because she was hardly paying attention to me. And I I just left. Okay. So you you you did ditch her? Yeah. I guess. Yes. Strictly speaking. I did. Okay. Wait. Hold on go over the night. I wanna hear what happened in your words. Okay. Like, you said she got in touch with me invited me out to the show. And you know, she was like in full on party mode. When we got there like she was looking around all the time like she was made by like the lighting at the venue was paying more attention to that than to me. Well, defensively have good lighting 'cause I fan of writing. It was cold. But it's it was it was like a moth to a flame. And it was just the intensity of the focus was just. Concert. Like, what do you expect her to do just talk to you the whole time that you? I mean, you're supposed to listen to the show and paying attention to the show. A little bit early. And when I would try to talk to her few kind of staring off over my shoulder at something. And she was like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She would just say. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then on the other tangent. Well, she like drugs. I mean, I hope so otherwise she's in for a really weird life. Okay. The show started. We were dancing. I've never seen dancing like this. You just like flail all over the place in hopping up and down and rightly I've seen enthusiastic dancing, and this was like verging on manic dancing. She's a manic dancer, and then we got separated in crowd, and I tried to to refined. I looked for a minute or two. But then I realized like I'm just going to be putting myself back into this really weird situation. So I just I decided to leave. Okay. I wanna know where the makeup comes from though, because she told us that you guys made out you lost each other for a few minutes, and then found each other again and made out and then he said he had to go to the bathroom and left. I don't know what to tell you. I mean, there was no making between. Joe Terry supposed to wait li-. We totally made out. Been that's terro. If you can't tell her. She was on the other line listening wants to talk to you. Okay. All right. Yeah. So what's the deal? Why are you lying? We're totally made out. And then you just me. I don't know what to tell you there. We had we didn't make out what after we got separated. I never saw you again. I and we. Grind up on each other making out happens. Don't you? Remember, you pulled me, and it was like a look lobby nibble mayor a little bit. And then it was like a lot sloppy wasn't about kissed her. But you know, what I was gonna hold it against you until now because you're li-. Well, yeah. Really have a response to that. Are you lying been? Did you make out what their don't want to say that you made out with her and disster? No, no, I'm not lying. I didn't make out with her. I'm becoming increasingly glad that I didn't make out with her. Terra? How were you sober? I mean, how sober were you tear when this happened? I wasn't like a. Sober issue. I really concert. So I may have like download on to make it more fun. The. I guess it works. If you're having twenty fun. Like doing something else. Besides alcohol. Yes. Yes. I was. All right. All clear on that. I mean, I thought it, but my friend, and I had this whole plan. And it was ruined when she bailed. So I figured I would feel better with mine off of the plan just with like bumble. Don't you think it's weird? Like, it's kind of weird to like go out and do that on your own when the other person, you're with is in the same state of mind. I'm not gonna say totally thought it through. No. But I regret very little. I had. Okay. Do you see like the possibility at least that when we got separated? And then you found me again that it wasn't actually meet that you found. But I wear he looked like you were wearing a blue shirt, right? It was more like a green. But. No. Wait, hold on. Does that mean tear that you think that there's a possibility you made out with some brand of dude thinking, it was bent? It sounds like you were. Okay. Definitely making a little more fun and get it. Then then would you like to go out on a second date with Tara now that she's you know? Hi, really fine. I think I think fun is subjective. I was not having much fun. Like, I I'm sorry. I I'm really sorry that I saw I made out with you. But it was another guy and. Out of control. But we definitely still like fun. I'm not always not like out there, and you know, high. I don't know tear it like it was really strange. I I don't know what to make of it, really. Thing like a little more show like coffee. Did he go to Starbucks? That's just a little bit out of control. I don't want to be around today when things get lot. That is a good time. You're planning for your future. Ben. Hey, man. Orderly missing. I'm a blast. Okay. Tara. I'm sorry. You didn't get a second date. And Ben thank you, very time. Appreciate it. Yeah. Definitely this is it stinks. I bet the random dude that she made out with wants to you too. What? If you ever find him callback will do a second date Iraq. Movin.

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