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Uh you know basic questions um budgeting questions whatever you guys need i'm here for you um so yes understanding the time buy your money uh and you can look up all these all of these uh all of these terminologies you know just to get fancy with them i'm not as a if you're night some a lot of people are really into finance i get that because i hear stories at work about you know married couples where only one family member controls the finances the other person is not one look adam or you know people are getting suckered into these credit cars orgies loans and they're not really a understaning interest rates and the penalties some inches tuitions you know they penalize you for paying things off early um i get that that's why i mean you guys is corner um tell me you man uh bruce sit down and just think about what's your goals are you know i've said this before but i i'm gonna say it again because up my goal is constantly changing and i'm pretty sure you guys are too i mean um sit down in uh you know make a roadmap on what you wanna do ed uz use the stock market to help you reach their goal um because a savings account drawing one one percent interest is really not going to help you at all it's not going to do anything for you um yep so yeah like i said.

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