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Fight to save the schools in her neighborhood wears irene down some time she feels older than 53 her job as a home healthcare aid required a lot of spending in lifting now irene battles arthritis in her niece that pain and feelings of depression keeper and bad some days jana says that's the price irene pays for what the grandkids admiringly call her fight full side has your worry that your monks going to get really tired i mean i know she's she puts a lot of work into it and so i wonder cutting these who gave tire this motivates hers dues give her strength this may kerr you know one of fight even more if anything i worry that she is gone a blow over mike he is a big me to take a break in her own apartment away from cheian n tirol's kitchen iran says she knows why they is free that when i go to jail on being on a home spray but i had to rudy talk to them and make them understand that this is something i have to do what do you do when you are very clear all was gone home what do you do you can cost you go away if she and other activists had done that the city might have gone forward with a plan to close four majority black high schools on the south side to make way for a new consolidated one that plan would have made the students who were in those schools now transferred to other struggling high schools across town and across gang boundaries when i spoke with her last fall the current schools chief janice jackson told me district officials wanted treat this situation differently than the closings in 2013 dare cps community as your ceo i have promised that your school district will listen earlier this month on twitter every shared an announcement that suggested they meant it latest even though some people sought as a way for the mayor to win political support from african americans the more we talk to you the more we heard how important it was.

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