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T o p. Com Search Free lunch. Great to have you along on a Tuesday. It's 11 28 traffic and weather every 10 Minutes on the Eights Breed a counselor in the W T o p Traffic center. We're still seeing the delays in the district. Let's start out on I 2 95 North bound with the delay headed past Malcolm X Avenue. It should be a single lane getting by that work zone. Then the delays on D C to 95 both ways headed toward betting road. It is usually underneath Benning Road, where the work is set up south bound delays from boroughs North. Found delays from Pennsylvania Avenue. Also Rock Creek Parkway at K Street had been under police direction a little earlier for some event control. Also westbound Columbia Road between 13th and 14th was closed for the ongoing police activity on the Beltway. The delays on the outer loop any past River Road Ivy's, they may have cleared that debris out of the roadway. Also brief of volume outer loop After Braddock Road. That work was along the right side in Maryland, the westbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right lane of three is blocked with the work eastbound. Both of your lanes are open. He's found 1 75 Year, Thunder Hill Road was a report of a crash and 2 14 Central Avenue at Ritchie Road and Guarantee Morgan Boulevard. It was a single lane getting by the utility work, possibly doing some alternating there. The Naval Academy Bridge should still be closed until about noon today for some sort of event, possibly graduation activity. Frederick Road near 32. You were under police direction for the utility work. And the delays in Brandy won again Today five and three. Oh, one both slow trying to head to the point where they emerge all the way toward McKendry and cedar. Well where there should be some work set up eastbound 66. The volume inside the Beltway was headed onto the Roosevelt Bridge. The work was along the right side. Also volume eastbound on 66 outside the Beltway from 1 23 off and on toward the Beltway, where there should be some work. 1 23 near Riverview Lane in Woodbridge is a report of a gas leak. So watch for any redirection there. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites. Well home Paramount Pest Control for free inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic storm team for meteorologists, Lauren Rickets. We've got another beautiful day in store for us. Finally getting above that normal temperature. Average temperature for this time of year. 77 or headed to 80 degrees today, Expect lots of sunshine as we continue through the day.

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