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The aircraft can be hauled in a trailer behind a truck or an SUV. I'm Ed Donahue. And I'm Ben Thomas, AP news. My mom is 81, and she's having trouble walking, taking care of herself, and remembering things. There are expectations. My mom feels I'm her daughter, and I should be able to do for her. Sometimes the help they need is more than we can do alone. Care makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know how to help. I love my mom, but I need some help. The best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or dad at care dot com. AP sports, I'm Bruce Morton. What's a college football Saturday without some upsets? Texas tech defeated 22nd ranked Texas 37 34 and overtime in middle Tennessee state shocked number 25 Miami 45 31. There were some games pitting a pair of ranked teams, 5th rated Clemson had to go two overtimes to win at number 21 wake forest, 51 45. Dennis Cox has the story. Tigers quarterback DJ UB young Gale found Davis Allen for a 21 yard touchdown pass and what proved to be the game winning score. Had a career day with 5 touchdown passes. I feel like his offense man, every time we step on the field, I think he would just get better and better and better. The demon deacons held the lead late in the fourth quarter, but a BT Potter 52 yard field goal with 404 to play, tied the game at 38 and forced overtime. 11th ranked Tennessee held off number 20 Florida 38 33. Vols coach Josh. There's a whole lot that we can do a whole lot better, but the goal for us is to find a way to win each Saturday that we're on the field and be the best football team. We were able to do that tonight. In another SEC tilt, number 23, Texas a and M was better than tenth ranked Arkansas 23 21. Baseball, Aaron judge went homerless for a fourth straight game. He remains at 60, but his Yankees beat Boston 7 5. In the tight NL east, Kyle Wright became the major's first 20 game winner when the braves beat the Phillies 6 three. Is it special in the more I kind of it's sinking in that I did one 20 games and I think I'm starting to appreciate even more. That win pulled Atlanta within a game and a half of the Met when Jacob de Grom got pummeled in a ten to four loss to Oakland. I was just terrible. You know, that's on me. I was really bad. In addition to the Phillies lost, the Padres and brewers won. This means that in the wild card race, San Diego has the second spot one half game ahead of Philadelphia with Milwaukee at game and a half behind the fills. Bruce Morton AP sports. Russia made its case to the world Saturday for its war in Ukraine repeating a series of grievances about its neighbor and the west to tell the UN General Assembly that Moscow had no choice, but to take military action. At the heart of foreign minister Sergei Lavrov's address was a claim that the U.S. and its allies, not Russia, as the west maintains, are aggressively undermining the international system that the UN represents. Through an interpreter he said the future of the world is being decided today. It is clear to any impartial objective. The question is whether or not this is going to be the kind of order with one hegemon at the head of it. He also took aim at U.S. support of Taiwan. Washington is trying to turn the entire world in its own backyard. The west maintains that it's Russia that's aggressively undermining the international system that the UN represents. Julie Walker, New York. Fiona washes houses away and knocks out power in Canada as Ian makes its way to Florida possibly bringing it

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