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Back. Everyone continue with the brass staff. Aspro drive just off the north gain of the air force academy. On a Tuesday night. It must be time for the air, force hockey coaches show. That's what we're doing here. Jay, Richie Frank Saratoga. And our next guest is standing by air force hockey coaches show presented in part by. I command financial services coaching those who serve and their pursuit of financial security and by the way, head out to the brass tap Friday and Saturday before the air force hockey games for the fire reps and afterward for the post game celebrations show your support of air force, falcon, hockey, the hockey and got here in the falcons corner. At the brass Tapscott Bradley joining us right now class of two thousand one he played on Frank's I four teams at the air force academy. And it was part of a lot of first I sweep at West Point that happened. The last two games of the ninety seven ninety eight season you by the way, your teams that air force Scott were seven two and one against the black knights. I C H A team the nine hundred ninety nine two thousand season you played in one hundred. Forty five games. Thirty eight goals. Eighty-five assist hundred twenty three points. Twenty ninth all time on the air force scoring list. You proudly were the captain's to see in your senior season. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you scraping near J. When you think back. Let's let's talk about the old days a little bit. When you think back it was kinda pre air force glory days. You guys kind of laid the foundation for what was to come. You know, it's it's an honor to be a part of this program right now to see over the last twenty two seasons. Coach territories done and his coaching staff with Joe Doyle and Burgi phenomenal to to be here to see this success. They've had coming from a program the late nineties where we were middle of the road division one at best sometimes you but got to play college hockey phenomenal teams, and it was a great experience. And so, yeah, it's it's great being back in Colorado Pena part of this organization as a fan to see the success at they're having. You were a local guy Erakat. Demy high school not too many guys come out of high school now go right to college hockey, but back then it was a lot more common. Wasn't it? It was actually played junior hockey and billings, Montana. So I wasn't local high school kid played midgets here but had to go play junior obviously to be able to compete at this level and so two years in billings, Montana. And then I oh the majority of getting to the academy with coach Joe Doyle when he was coaching for for Chuck back in the day. He about ninety seven so twenty two years ago this month is when I think we had a reunion of Butte, Montana as Scotty. Can I talk to you? And then next thing, you know, I'm showing up in June for basic training and Frank showing up later that summer and the race as we go. Yep. No, always good. And I've got fond memories from that group. The team struggled the previous two years before. I before I was hired. And that group we had they came in. And and we didn't have we didn't have a lot of skill. We had Justin Keefer Danny Davies, we we had a few guys that were that vet had had a little bit of skill. But we didn't have a lot of division one talent. Scotty was was a division one talent. And Justin keeper was a division one player but the team had struggled. They backed in there. We played a mix of between division three and division one teams and the team had not done. Well, the previous two years even against a division three teams and. That first year. I was real proud of the guys we want fifteen games they played hard. And what we we put in a very aggressive physical system because we didn't have the skill level to be able to play to play a cute game in exchange opportunities with people and. That was kind of as we established our daddy is being a no nonsense tough to deal with tough to play against team. And we surprised army army had more talent than we did that first year when we went in for that series at the end of the year, and they had been kicking San AER forces face for a few years and dating they weren't ready. The guys weren't watching quite as much film back then and they were not they were not ready for how hard we played. And and I remember, you know, rob Riley coming after me coming up to me after after those games. Rob was fierce, competitor, and fiery. And and he just goes he goes my God had never seen an air force team play play that hard and that tough before, you know, and we went in and we want to hire hard-fought games. I'll be honest with you. They could've went either way. But they went our way and we deserved it. And that team won fifteen games. That's how we ended our season and up. No. To me that is those early years that is the foundation. And then you get a guy we got a guy inherited Keefer, Bradley. I inherited Bradley, and then you go out, and then we start to trickle dies. Andy Burgin, and Brian Gornik and Star Trek line, and you get a few more, and you get a few more. And the biggest problem for for for a few of those years. You know, we started to get some division one players division one caliber players, but we didn't have all the way through our lineup. And and that's not what you see. We've got we've got four lines plus of of division one caliber guys guys that bring something to the table. You know, we've got we've got seven seven plus defensemen. And I mean, and we just talked about how how fortunate we work. I mean, we we had two two goalies that I that I feel are are both were all American caliber. Another first for Scott Bradley first winning season for Frank nineteen eighteen into your junior year. How did that feel after after kinda getting sand kicked in your face for while? Yeah. No phenomenal. Frank gave me the opportunity to play with Justin Keefer for my first two years. His last two years in the program, which if I didn't have that opportunity to play with him. I wouldn't have had. The chances and success with the program that I was able to have and so treat that as a huge blessing to be able to play with Keefe and the names that Frank already listed off. So yeah. We started to see a little bit more depth. But we were still far from what the team obviously puts together now, and you got something to play for because you got in the as well got got, you know, so it was great to have some playoffs. But quick story about the West Point my freshman year, we swept West Point which was kind of our season. Finale like, you said, we're ecstatic. Might as roaches their hometown or close to his hometown rather. So everybody's ecstatic. Frank Lenzi marshy as we're getting off the ice by Zamboni door shoveling ice into a bucket. You know, by this time, we've we've kind of known Frank and his antics. So we didn't think anything of it until we get to the end of the year. Banquet back in nineteen ninety eight and Frank gives every player on the team pluck a puck with a glass filled with vile, west points is obviously now melted. And I still have that today. Absolutely. So Frank is exactly that from day one cares about each one of his players cares about the program. And that among about a thousand other stories are cemented in my mind. Well, we accomplish Scotty we accomplish things. And you know, one of the things was like when I came. Well, we gotta become bonafide division one program. If I'm gonna be your that's that's where I want us to be. That's what I want to be a part of. But I like we had to get better. And I believe we played a mixed schedule throughout your career, right? We played a mix schedule then we played in the, but we played a partial schedule we still played some games against division three. But we at the program had struggled a little bit prior to that against the division three and one thing that your group dead. Scotty like we went we played. I believe I think it was thirty four thirty six games against division. Three teams over those four years. We were thirty four thirty wins four losses. Two ties. And after you graduated we put that part of our history in the rear view mirror, and and went to a full blown division one schedule, and it's been that way ever since. So you've got to crawl before you can walk. You got to walk before you can run and Scotty, I was lucky to be able to inherit Hammond Justin, and we had a bunch of good kids and they wanted to play and and and they played hard. And they they they they maximize their potential, and and and they they did bring that program over your four years you brought it to the next level. You did it's not where it was now. But Rome was not built in a day. And I look back, and I'm so I'm really I'm so proud of those kids, and and you know, what what they accomplished while they were here in that group. It was fun. You are still involved with air force hockey with the alumni program. Tell us about that. Yes. I've had the opportunity for the last few years to be formed a board of alumni and been able to kind of lead that Orden in. Do some phenomenal things to ages stay involved with the program, you know, to be back here in Colorado and be able to get to know players like Billy Crystal Palace, and and quick story about Billy affecting take a quick segue. So you mentioned stats phenomenal goaltender right? Everybody knows what we need to take a break. Let's do that. We'll do. All right. We'll be right back after this on the air force IMG sports network, presented by USAA back to the brass cap in twenty nineteen Xtra sports thirteen hundred is your championship station here. Westwood one's coverage of Super.

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