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Sports flash gresh, biggie showdown between Marquette and Villanova came right down to the wire. The golden eagles got a defensive stop on the final possession to hold off the defending champs sixty six sixty five staff at eleven game winning streak for the Wildcats. Elsewhere at the break central Michigan on the road leading number twenty three buffalo forty-three thirty eight first half action top rank Tennessee at home out in front of Florida twenty to eleven Florida's state leading Louisville seventeen fourteen to get Texas Tech up on Oklahoma twenty to thirteen finals, thus far TCU one at number seventeen. I was ninety two eighty three that is one side of this their first meeting of the season. But fifth rank Kentucky beta ten straight wins with a seventy one sixty seven victory over Mississippi State, number seven, Michigan Wisconsin in Ann Arbor. Sixty one fifty two eighth ranked North Carolina needed overtime to get by Miami. And Chapel Hill eighty eight eighty five Michigan state staff to three games kids. Seventy nine fifty five over Minnesota. Clemson knocked off number eleven. Virginia Tech fifty nine fifty one in Lawrence a tie game. At the half turned into an eighty four seventy two Kansas victory over Oklahoma state and LSU bested Auburn Eighty-three seventy eight coming up at six eastern ACC showdown in Charlottesville, second rank Duke, visiting number three Virginia Mike is ski ultra impressed with the way his freshman sensation Zion Williamson as head of the national spotlight. So far this season where such high profile everything screw is looked at closely. And so his his excellent place looked at by everybody. And and the thing about that kid is that he doesn't want all that attention, and he handles it. So well both of these teams eight and one in conference play the blue devils are going for the season. Sweep of the Cavaliers though, Spurs and jazz will tip off in Salt Lake City coming up at the top of the hour. Amongst tonight's match ups. You get the rockets and the thunder from Houston. Okay. See one nine out of ten holding down the three seat in the west rockets are in the five slot. Having won their last three games round three of the. Pebble Beach pro ams Paul Casey, fifteen hundred good for three shot lead over Lucas Glover. Kim Scott Langley Brian game at every and a bunch of other players, including Jordan Spieth, long leaderboard. Here are all five shots off the pace at minus ten allies of American football kicks off its season tonight, San Diego. San Antonio eight eastern the televised game on CBS TV. I'm Chris lopresti..

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