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Clinton blow. Yeah that's not. That's not as bad as the other ones. You could tell him. Will Polish Album Kaz. He got some singles to plenty is one of his singles. The studio right here. We're all of US studio. Could afford it wells fogle as the dry cleaning music. Please Sir Thomas Finish please. Leaf Blade Chassis. How he yeah? I feel the other songs. More pilots thrones. Just okay. Try to love more traditional. I wish he was keeping him more real he. It'll be like you know what the cafe. What a bag lady like? I wanted him to the city. Got Cowie me like your bank account with me. I wanted to keep ottaway the I keep a little bit fake I was. You'll wrap in my lifetime. outsell enjoy navy. Were selling drugs and talking guns but I wish he was just dino the at least give us the school for the Wells Fargo Hustle directly grams. Yeah why the all right last time best friend. There's another one whose singles Good Real Charlotte. The last time on the cheeks of Charlotte.

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