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Light that they were using. Did you see that ever seen a press conference where you got the full shadow behind the guy like it's it's high noon in the old west all right after the guy suffers through the losses. He needs sunglasses to do his press conference. Some of the guys who were on the wrong end of the playoff games this weekend. We're joined the drought we've been positive for most of the show. We're going to slide into the negative for the disappointments for divisional round weekend. Chris simms. We got through the coin toss in person in Kansas City on Friday and one I know, well, we're gonna have to trust the rig technology today. Go ahead call tails, and it'll come up tails and you'll get the first pick. Let's go tells Kristen. Chris. How about that? Then how dare you see every once in a while it has to be rigged in my favor. So it's not completely and totally obvious that it's always rigged in your favor. And I'm gonna be gin, and I hate to do this. He says hall of Famer he's got a great Santa Claus beard, but added Viteri you're wearing the goat horns coming out of Saturday's game. How different the vibe is going into the locker room. Chris if he doesn't clank that ball off of the post when there's an opportunity to just get three to just get something to just feel good about where you are to feel like maybe you have a chance and any twenty three yarder. He hits the upright. And then he missed an extra point later in the game. Then all of a sudden you the hot take artists are pointing out how low his his field goal percentages and the procedure is a first ballot hall of Famer for crying out loud. He's had some of the most clutch kicks we've ever seen. But that was an opportunity to just make it interesting going into the second half. And when when that kick missed when it hit that post and bounced back. Doc, I'm thinking, all right? That's it. Chiefs are gonna win this one. There's no question about it. And I feel like it could have been different in the second half. If they could have got something out of that. Dr. Yeah. Certainly I mean missed the extra point they lost. So they let four points on the board because of an Atari. But I I'm with you. That was a huge moment of the football game to be able to go in twenty four ten. You have a nice little drive and say you could sell to your football team. Okay, offense. We finally got a going. We're only down to scores. Andrew lock in that team being down to score is I don't even think they would blink an eye but being down three scores and just having that the fleeting moment of going. Oh, we got nothing to build on going in the second half. Ultimately was a was a big deal, and they could never catch up. So not a bad pick by you. I think the biggest disappointment for me is. I gotta go the Cowboys front seven. That's where I'm going to start the Cowboys D line the Cowboys front seven. I mean. Yes, this is what we were calling a Super Bowl defense or at least. I was I mean, they'd been dominant. We had seen them really. Stymie some of the best offenses in football all year long the saints included. And I thought certainly they can make life tough on the the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday night. Well, they didn't make life tough on them at all. And they their front seven was absolutely dominated by the Los Angeles Rams, and that goes into the coaching too. Because we brought up in the first hour that the Rams emitted after the game that there was tells on the defensive line about what they were doing schematically slants and stunts by how they were lined up by what hands were on the ground, and that's part of this discussion too. So total disappointing effort from the Cowboys defensive front seven. And that's not only the players who got physically, but the coaches who didn't notice that. There was some telltale signs giving away their hand on what they are doing on that front as well. That's why I'm disappointed in and let me tell you. I think that needs to be a bigger deal at a time when there's so much talk about what Chris shards future's going to be in Dallas. He was a finalist for the dolphins job for all. He knows. He's he's still may get that job. Because just because the dolphins have reportedly settled on patriots linebacker, Scott. Brian floor that doesn't mean he's going to take the job in Miami. It could be Rashard somebody's responsible and the coaching staff for allowing them to have such blatant tells that the Rams were able to exploit. Yes, the players need to play. But the coaches put them in position to be successful. And if you are not spotting your own flaws, your own tendencies, your own patterns, you are making it easier for the team to beat you. And this is on Jason Garrett automatically. But it also to some extent is on rod Rodman Nellie and Chris Rashard. Chris. Agreed. I mean, it is it's a total total team effort there or lack of effort there and just far as you know, self scouting self support an important part of football to realize. Okay. We're in the playoffs and teams do do deeper dives, especially the team who had the first round by. They're going to be able to have that time to look at little intricacies of your or your game plan your defense, you're alignments all of those things. And clearly, you know, they found something there with. The Dallas front and totally totally exposed it. All right. I'm going to go back to the game that we already addressed especially since they're trying to feed you an answer. And I'm gonna take it before you can an Terry was the focal point that moment that thing that was so uncharacteristic. But what about Andrew luck, captain, Andrew, you can't you can't you? Hey, sometimes it's gonna snow when you're out there getting ready for battle, captain, Andrew, you gotta be able to perform in the elements. And I thought that the colts would be able to do it even though they are a dome team. We have that narrative for so many years that dome teams can't function outdoors in the postseason. What happened the dome team went outdoors and their quarterback could not get it done when you consider everything he's accomplishes here everything he's ever come back in June. He was throwing a high school football for him to just not show up in that situation early on allowing the chiefs to get ahead fourteen nothing because they couldn't get anything going and it took so long for that offense to really emerge the seven points at the colts scored in the first half or on a blocked punt. So. Andrew lock. And I know we can blame it on the offense of line. We can play it on the running game. We can blame it on a lot of things. But I think Andrew luck bears. A lot of the blame for this. And we did not expect him to play that way. I think we expected him to hold his own against Patrick Mahomes. And he just didn't. What are you talking about? They were trying to feed me first of all that makes me mad. That was my pick. Nobody was telling me, Andrew luck. It also somebody was telling you to take Andrew luck. Okay. So I I have the receipts. Okay. Chris Andrew luck out. Well, I don't have. I don't look at my texts I focused on my job. So they must be tagged. Listen, you're the one that convinced me to get this fancy watch that has your text messages on it, and it buzzes your risk getting I tried to be professional and actually listen to you when you're talking instead of being you who looks at your is typing your next article when I talk. Against the rhino. Have officials shoving me down the side against the rules to be able to pick two disappointments from the same game. As to is your first picks up bull crap. That is bullcrap. So now I have to adjust because of I don't like that. I'm really mad. That was my next pick. And yeah, you're right. Andrew luck. He missed throws early on to kind of get the team going and give them some confidence get their defense or let their defense stay on the sideline a little bit. Where the defense was on the on the field. The first two drives for a good amount of time and really started to get worn out. So good pick by you. Screw everybody else. Who was texting you telling you to do that. Okay. You're getting the same. I'm not smart enough. And I don't need your guys help to tell me what to pick. Okay. I don't need that. And I'm not smart enough to read texts and talk at the same time. I can't do that have you. I could barely talk when I'm not reading texts. So I almost got the truth. We you almost admitted the truth, you're not smart enough to set up your watch. So that you get text messages on it. That's what you were starting saying my watch today. So that's the first thing that would be the other one too. Okay. I'm going on the chargers the chargers offensive weapons. I think that's where I'm going to start there. There the disappointment. I mean, yes, we know that the patriots had their way with the chargers defense. But this chargers football team all year. Philip rivers Benjamin, the the Williams Mike Williams tyrel Williams Canaan Allen Antonio gates. Melvin gordon. I mean, they were disappointed disappointing and yesterday's football game. Yeah. I know the game didn't play out exactly the way they wanted to. But the New England Patriots got in the face of the chargers. And basically said Philip rivers. You're not gonna throw it behind us. We don't care. We're not scared of any of the speed of your receivers, you know, Melvin Gordon. I know he was not at one hundred percent. That's certainly hurt their football team. But the game became a little bit of a track. Meet and the chargers offense, which is one of the best offenses in football. And really this is what concerns me going to Nacho because they sputtered down the end of the season. And really did not play great football the last three or four weeks of the regular season. And they weren't great in the wildcard game. But yes, they were this appointment. It was like Philip rivers said to open up the segment, you know, they thought the defense would settle. All in it didn't and the chargers offense never picked up to kind of take the pressure off the defense or keep the ball on some long drives. So their defense could get on the sideline and make some adjustments or get rested, or whatever it may be. So that's disappointing to me. Not just Philip rivers can wizened on everything they were all, you know, they all got their butts kicked by the patriots. Yeah. And it really was stunning to see it unfold. The way it did. But that's the difference between having extensive playoff experience and not having it. And you know, you mentioned this isn't my next pick. But the idea that that the patriots. No that cover three Seahawks defense, so well and the chargers didn't mix it up. Patriots. No, this really, well, that's the problem with that scheme. Mike, it's one of my issues. There's so many defensive coordinators in football that run that scheme. Now, Chris Rashard Dallas. Right. You know, you got guys all over the league because it was successful. And yes, they don't gain plants specific change their scheme. And sometimes when they face an offense. That's got a great scheme and a quarterback that can make the right decisions and offense coordinator who could find these little ways to expose it on third and three and third and four they're not able to overcome. And that's what we saw yesterday. All right. Let's get to the last two. I'm thinking about Ezekiel Elliott. But you know, what I want to go with the eagles offense because when you score fourteen points early, and then just disappear for the rest of the game just disappeared. And I know that they drove down late. But look Sean Jefferies part of the offense. He let the ball get through his hands. And I still think the eagles have a tough decision to make moving forward about who their quarterbacks going to be but their offense just just. I think it was with that interception. Wants Nick foles through the interception. And that was our first hit back in the early..

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