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You like the seasons. This is the time to take advantage and us supreme off the book. Your t times. If you do that you are. But we like to call an idiot. Spring golf is the best teatime booking out there. They have a totally redesigned website and mobile apps that make it incredibly easy to find the best times any best rates. This is what we use anytime. We're going anywhere. When i go home to saint louis at jump out my friends with my brother usually. It's a last minute ordeal. We're trying to find places that are open places that have available tee times places that have great rates are still courses in saint louis area that we played before. We're trying to figure out if they're good or not. You just click on the reviews. Boom they're gonna get someone to tell you i was out there. Greetings or slow or service was poor or the pace of play sucked in. You can avoid that one or go. Get one that says. Hey i know. Maybe people aren't obsessed with the layout but the green in phenomenal condition.

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