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In the crowd the shooting lasted 25 minutes before neil was killed by two police officers six year old alejandro hernandez is in fair condition after being shot through the wall of its classroom love and kindness and selfishness paired with the ability to professionally do what they did defeated evil yesterday at one point a custodian at this elementary school distracted the shooter and that likely saved more lies anthony the superintendent says lockdown drills are an unfortunate reality at all schools jimmy ucar's in torrential aim of thinks the chief of staff of the army said today it failed to report a soldier's criminal history to the fbi in as many as twenty percent of cases last week the air force admitted it did not tell the fbi about devon kelly's 2012 assault conviction that failure allowed kelly to buy the rifle he used to kill twenty six people at a texas church a man once described as a classic serial killer is back in custody tonight he escaped from a psychiatric hospital hawaii on sunday and was captured today twenty four hundred miles away in stockton california and a warner has the story flayed this afternoon hawaii's governor david eday admitted his escape should never have happened randall site owes roughly seventy two hour flight to freedom ended when california sheriff's deputies took him into custody the fifty nine year old man authorities call a psychopathic predator escape from the hospital sunday morning he was last seen heading to breakfast instead psycho somehow walk to apart and called a cab home powell war dash cam video obtained by our huddled lou affiliate kgmb shows in getting in carrying a backpack with supplies including a cell phone he took a charter flight to maui where he was then able to get through security under an alias and board a hawaiian airlines flight to san jose california with a.

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