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Everything from horse racing. Tio Bingo suffered losses. Wcbm news time now 10 08, and we have traffic and weather together on the eights at the Traffic center here is Andy Ryan. We do have overnight construction popping up on the Ryan and the inbound side of the Eisenhower's affected Because of that the outbound Ryan is heavy from the Jane burned with Stevenson with roadwork. Popping up in your right lane. Other side has construction, too. But it is getting a lot better than it. Wass. Ifyou're on the Eden's or the Kennedy everything looks good. So far, the inbound side of the Kennedy just a little. So, as you approach the Jane Byrne and our change right through the downtown area about Monroe on down that gets heavy as you lose your right, laying there on the outbound Ryan between the chamber and her change in this Stevenson now that is also affecting the inbound side of the Eisenhower. It's heavy past Ashland about racing on Into the Jane Byrne interchange because the outbound Ryan is so messy to the Stevenson. Now if you're on the in bound side of the Ryan, there are couple of delays right around Roosevelt Road. Keep in mind, though. The left lane and the right lane are closed with construction Tonight. Stevenson looks good. The rest of the Ryan is fine. I 57 the bishop border clear. Nothing going on on the tollway's this hour and the roads in northwest Indiana look good. Next traffic report at 10 18 is radio 7 81 of 5.9 FM and the AC You Weather forecast Through the night with clear skies somewhat cooler with lows of 42 in the chili or somebody was 51 at the.

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