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Tiba golf he is president of the center for policing equity and he teaches that subject at john j college of criminal justice in new york he is a social psychologists whose work focuses on racial bias and he's gotten a lot of attention for his two thousand fourteen study that found that black boys are often perceived as older than they actually are and less innocent than their white counterparts which leads to a greater assumption of guilt and greater instances of police violence against them he's with us now via skype professor thanks so much for speaking with us as roundly would you talk a bit more about your research study from two thousand fourteen how did you go about studying this question yes we are actually building on the research of 100 grams on and others would found similar sets of things but when they had described the behaviour of black as opposed to white adolescence and it turns out that when you describe behavior that's asia appropriate but it's it's bad behaviour you start adding years to your estimation of how old the black actor was while we him was we added pictures so they now we're looking at faces of an actual ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen year old and we saw they added a number of years to them we rashly really surprise it first has the number of your was way more than we would expected flooring five years to the face of a thirteen or fourteen year old child that takes someone who's early in adolescence and makes them a legal adopt an end you found that this is particularly pronounced with black handsome and like what about what tino kits yeah it was particularly for now among black boys we actually only looked at ways because you start adding generated becomes complicated but there some researchers at georgetown who justice actually replicated this doing the same thing with black girls around the same age not the same case were latinos or latinas that same cash for american folks and there's not a occult representation that allows us to look at that on prenatal folks it does seem to be particular to black folks so study focused on police interactions with black.

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