Senate, Susan Rice, Senate Intel Committee discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Let us embark on our second hour huron schnitt welcome back also we've got to get it to susan rice that's right one and only susan rice it is being reported that she met with the senate that she met with a senate committee today was the which looks to the senate until the autumn agean gasping reported that susan rice met with the senate intel committee and have we'll we'll get into those details in just a bit here on schnitt police standby falls are still dangling nine off some calls leftover from lange our in i guess we can grab a couple of calls but i want to get into the latest of the the daily drips shall we shall we call it the daily drips the stories from with in the white house the reports that trump is having his lawyers look into hardening family members staff members even the talk of trump hardening himself now i've seen different takes on this i i've got different stories i got from the same website lawn news which is danny abrams the abc legal correspondent and he's got to rate websites and i like i like media i'd and i like his london's website and there are two stories of gam in mind schnitt pile here we take these out of the two stories one of the stories says a republican department of justice nomo says actually trump cannot pardon himself and then there's a another story that says that maybe trump can pardon himself saw with we've got a policy views from the saeb website which will we'll try to get to adjust them yet let me grab hor hey i want to get into the daily drip poor has been holding a wild horror is listening in new york city hello hor hey you're on shh nick welcome to the program hi hawaii thank you have a great program i thought the hispanic american obviously uh voted for trump was elected because i liked what he had to uh up earn we had a now listen wearing agreement therefore highlight the messages well i like lower taxes both on the personal tax side on the corporate tax side i like the simplification of the tax code i liked protecting the.

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