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The supplies required to sustain a vast. Army his case, seventy five thousand legionnaires twenty five thousand infantry twelve thousand cavalry for the duration of war and things are going. Well for a time things. Go continue to go well for time for Cleopatra and anti they raised their kids. Enjoy ruling over a vast land probably have a bunch of crazy sex. You know, enjoy being super-duper obscenely rich and then late thirty two the Octavian declares war on fifty one year old Anthony and Thirty-seven-year-old Cleopatra. Surprised it took that long but ship moved a lot slower in the age before phones ships with engines, even the pony express mail before this declaration, many of Anthony's allies. A third of the Senate the Roman Senate argued that Anthony should leave Cleopatra returned to Rome to rule with initially. Anthony did consider this. But Cleopatra argued that she'd fed his troops. She provided his fleets uses capable to him as any man, he didn't need them. She earned his loyalty and the ends up a green he chooses to stay with her bold. Fucking move Octavian is a powerful powerful Roman general who now has the full support of the Senate supportive. Most of Rome soldiers Anthony is placing a lot of faith in the support of Cleopatra in April of thirty two BC Antony and Cleopatra sale with Anthony staff. The island of same off the coast of modern day Turkey, staying a residence Anthony, formerly shared with Octavia. And then in may he divorces Octavia he showers Cleopatra with gifts in the summer of thirty two BC. He gave it gives Cleopatra the library of Pergamum angel library that rivaled the library of Alexandria. As far as the great libraries of the ancient world back. In Rome, Octavian conducts a smear campaign against Anthony. Warns the Senate that Anthony had become a slave to his love for Cleopatra. Egyptian Queen had subdued anti Rome. Octave. Ian warned would be next to fall to gyp shins to Cleopatra's dejection charm, big big Luther FINA as the end of October. He declares war, Anthony and Cleopatra. The Senate strips Anthony of his ship and relieves him of all thirty Antony and Cleopatra are now. The main enemies of Rome in early thirty one BC, Octavian. Superb naval Admiral Aggripa made a swift surprise crossing degrees and disrupts Anthony supply lines and captured his southern base. And then a stalemate ensues Octavian could not lure anti out to see where grip would crush him anti cannot cope uptaking onto onto land battle where he could perhaps crush him after sixteen weeks of the blockade. Anthony supplies are running low. He doesn't have the manpower to power his men overland all the way into Rome, if you wait much longer his men are gonna starve so what does he do? He decides to sneak out at night across. The water late in the evening of September. First Cleopatra's officers secretly load her chest of treasure under her ship. An anti loads of twenty thousand soldiers with them thousands of archers slingers around sunrise, Octavian men, look on and amazement as Cleopatra's speeds, south and her majestic flagship. And then they say Anthony transferred from his flagship to a swift galley follows behind her with forty ships of his personal squadron Antony and Cleopatra had slipped away with a third of the remaining fleet. And Oliver treasure Antony, then heads to Libya where he has posted four legions, we can rally perfume more troops just left most of his troops behind Cleopatra heads Alexandria. They had escaped but Octavian had now one bittersweet victory. Right. They'd left nineteen legions of men and twelve thousand cavalry behind who after a week of negotiations surrender to Octavian and become part of his army Anthony is alive. But now is without an army big enough to fight. He was as the historian Plutarch so cleverly wrote motherfucking because. Couldn't do it motherfucker MacOS big time. Kaz just because a lot of me is not true. He Plutarch wrote motherfucker kiss bid time 'cause he was a Chivas out of accussed Lucca cass-. Of course, not true. That was hard to say that I thought would be I don't know why I had confidence and being able to say anti round of it with Cleopatra in Alexandria, African troops in Libya. They both send Octavian letters now letters that are basically, hey. Oh, sorry. Sorry about stuff. They ask him to kind of like we attempt to reach some kind of resolution that doesn't include you coming to Egypt and killing us Octavian. Does not re- reply initial letters..

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