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I'm not sure if he gets to inbounds, but he gets at least one because it's college college touchdown. That's right. It doesn't matter still touchdown. And it's pretty good. He's got a really good hands. And I think it's it's exactly what Shanahan wants to. You. Can you? Operate. Can you create space for the quarterback to get you the ball? And then when the ball is there, are you going to catch it and de Bodas, both those things very very well. And then kind of the final thing that I think that that we'd be remiss not to bring up is his ability after the catch. I think very much a big part of his game. That was a big part of how South Carolina utilize. It was a big reason why so many of his receptions came near behind the line of scrimmage a lot of jet. Sweep lot lot of screen stuff that was mixed in there. And that was because they were looking for any way to get the ball in this guy's hands. So that he could do stuff with it after the Kachin, and he was again fantastic. There. You mentioned the overall numbers. I mean on the slants alone. Yeah. Average over eighteen yards after the catch on those fourteen slant, receptions, it was just something that came up consistently. Where not only is he a guy that's going to be able to make the catch and gets. What's there? You know? He's going to turn up field. He's going to get what's available to him. But he is someone that can create. His is going to force miss tackles had what Twenty-one force missed tackles on sixty two catches last season. I think he was among the top five guys in this class as far as force missed tackles go, which is pretty when you think about because there are some players that don't approach twenty one tackles full stop on quite a bit more catches. And he's able I mean there was there was a one play where he gained three yards and made three dudes miss like he was averaging won miss tackle a yard. But yeah, I mean, it was it was it's funny because he has a lot of plays. Like that. When you're like, okay. Yeah. You gotta keep this in perspective. It's it's only a three yard gain here. Sure. But. It could have been a three yard loss, and his you know, he's able to again create when when something isn't necessarily there in turn what could be either a short gain or potentially even a bad play for your offense in turn that into a positive. And I think that's something. That's that's very important. And that I don't know that we have on the roster players who are really all that. I mean, obviously kiddle at the tight end position is. Yeah, that's his big thing. But as far as wide receivers go there's no one that. That's I think it quite that level pedestals good in that regard. But nobody has the same after the catch ability is what deebo show and there's another flag. I think that that maybe Shanahan is starting to look at it not starting to look at but maybe consider evaluating wide receivers. And that's their ability to return kicks because he has returned a couple of punts for touchdowns. And obviously, we know that Dante Pettis was someone who returned a lot of kicks in the Pac twelve touchdowns, and he obviously got up on the radar. So that might be one of the qualifiers that we may need to add to the Shanahan wide receiver Ma. When we're looking at wide receivers next year is do they do they have punt returns for touchdowns? But I mean, it makes sense to degree rate. I think it highlights running after the catch it kinda shows like some vision in ability to navigate in the open field and again create with the ball on your. So let's get to the limitations because deebo Samuel is a second round draft pick. And he was not a first rounder. It was not a consensus number one overall. And that's because the player has limitations. And I think the first thing that jumps out is that his deep passing production is not all that stellar. He had just fifteen deep targets and four deep receptions, his deep catch rate ranked in one hundred fiftieth in this draft class..

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