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Let's bring on Columbus Defense Attorney Brad Carful w T. V and legal analyst host of for the defense Sundays at 11, A.m. and Brad on of You heard us talking about that just now and Are you nervous? I'm nervous. Your thoughts on that. Well, just dovetails perfectly into my show yesterday where we're looking for the the national voice that the young voice for 22 24. That's going to come up and explain that when it constitutional conservative is doesn't mean that you are socially conservative. That's different. Topic. It's what is the role of government. And what his government's relationship to the citizens. And we've reached the point that we were warned about in the mid fifties and early sixties by some very prominent early conservatives. Get young Ronald Reagan. Very Goldwater. Bill Buckley Junior has started. NATIONAL REVIEW Milton Friedman. Fine Rand, who was very good friend with Alan Greenspan. And they said afterward. We're too After FDR's new deal, LBJ's great society, all these conservative thinkers were like Going the wrong direction, like waving their arms in here going, you're going the wrong direction and what what A lot of people don't realize is that From 32. In the mid nineties, with Clinton entering his second term. Those 58 years, the Democrats had the House of Representatives for 54. The Democrats had the Senate for 48 of those 58 years. And they had The presidency from 32 to Nixon 68. Those nine presidential terms. Democrats in the White House seven Of those nine terms like was the lone Republican. And this really is a great time for American, especially conservative listeners here in the Midwest and conservative voices like your show. T O start studying again the historical roots of American serving of movement from the fifties and sixties. And then pick up on the new voices. That are being better out there now sparkle events of perfect example. But you're right, guys. I mean, this is we're absolutely going the wrong way. We're paying a huge price. So $908 billion coronavirus package is on the table. Looks like it's gonna happen. It's just on the verge. Um, $600 check for individuals to make up to 75,000 year. A couple's no more than 150,000 year. Looks like it's $600 per child. The There's all kinds of other stuff clearly in this 908 Bill $908 billion In this package, and I want to. I want to bring the audience in on this. Um Brad sends me a text today and he finishes the text with I want to report a crime, which I was like, you know, obviously a little bit of levity there, but there's a whole lot of sense to that as well. And this is this is nothing more than you know you're talking. You even said shutting us down and put us all in debt. This should be illegal, and there is no question that is a great way to put it. Yeah, These are trustees, these politicians Local, state and federal Including school boards and superintendents. There are trustees. They have fiduciary obligations to their constituency. We give them our tax dollars in exchange for providing Services protect us from foreign aggressors protects from each other. Give us police and fire give us roads and light. Manage utilities pick up the gaps where the marketplace fails. Regulate. But this is this political philosophy where Do you went? When did we need to create 26 Million unemployed and five weeks last March. Did we need to put 110,000 restaurants permanently closed? Did we need to put 500,000 restaurants in a free fall? Did we need to put tens of thousands of businesses out of business? Did we need to do that The benefits of government intervention must weigh out the outweigh the costs. I personally believe the shutdown yielded nominal benefits. Fight coronavirus while causing extreme damage to society. In our financial health in the health of our kids. In the education system. I think we could have achieved roughly the same thing by simply encouraging or mandating mask wearing and social distancing. And now we're on the brink of another round of cares. Act here's to point out And the Democrats are coming back into power. They want Medicare for all they want to green new deal that went free college tuition. Where's this? We're we're so this money coming from You know when I asked my 14 year old daughter who I'm having a time with right now, Brad, because I, You know, talking to her and listen, you know, she's talking to her friends and a lot of her friends are their parents and the people who are influencing them. Slash teachers even are all left leaning. And when I talked to her about this, I go the free the free tuition. Josie the free and I, You know, fill in the blank. The free whatever I go. What is that really free? She goes. Yeah. And I go. No. Do you really believe that we're going to be coming from? She's like the government. I'm like, Where do you think they're getting their money? And I said, Let me show you my pay stub. You know what? I'm explaining it to her. It's so scary, Brad. It's really the people they like. And I said, Please spread the word to your friends that the free is not free, please. Explain this to them. It's not that hard. Please explain this to them. So if we're gonna if you want to take the ski trip Two out West. From expensive I won't do it. We're gonna do it. We're not taking a big spring break trip. You won't take the spring break trip. All right, well, then we're going to pay for that, but they're not going to get the summer trip. It's always about Saying now.

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