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Down past the ark of one sixty six east bound after twenty eight Centerville the accidents gone now from garage door repair dot com the W. a mail weather channel forecast it'll be partly sunny this afternoon with a high of sixty two cloudy skies by this evening with a low of forty eight we'll have showers tomorrow then partly cloudy tomorrow afternoon and a high of sixty three forty five in Gainesville at fifty one in Germantown forty seven at Reagan national I'm John Matthews one of five point nine FM Washington's mall WMAL times my foot news doesn't come out of Moscow they're not interested John Ratzenberger as click play button is an under appreciated American cultural figure who had so many things right even back then didn't make where the news comes from just say these people good Tuesday to on this thanksgiving week we're at eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five eight eight eight six three oh nine six two five we got John King at C. N. N. constant up a storm and using potty mouth words because he hates Republicans any it's the truth if you hate the truth and you curse when the truth is uttered you probably shouldn't be an anchor man on a national show in the news business I I'm I'm.

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