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Out by the Taliban this one was not too far from the American embassy US officials in Caldwell county the third most of them children delegates from the Taliban sat across American representative in the greasy hotel ballroom in Doha Qatar American and Taliban representatives were meeting for the seventh time their goal is to reach the piece of wood and almost two decades of war in Afghanistan the Taliban delegation is all men dressed in traditional white rolled back into her bed the American team is led by cell might leave such an Afghan American diplomats president trump appointed Khalilzad nine months ago and testing the daunting assignment negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban and get the US out of Afghanistan more that have now I'll say charges give him by month that's what I'd be good at speaking with an Afghan television program today please us that there have been major progress in the talks bishop does go through them one night after that what major sticking points remain one of the biggest points of contention is that the Taliban doesn't want to sit down with the current Afghan government that leaves the government pretty much on the sidelines of the negotiations the closest the Afghan government and the Taliban have come to sitting down for talks is what happened yesterday we have all come with that and we could each piece will have by looking into action shows such as the deputy national security adviser for the Afghan government she attended the talks in Doha and met with Taliban officials are you step outside the room with the talks took place she was speaking quietly I'm sorry I'm also holding my son the is that the negotiations not as a representative of the Afghan government but as a private citizen as an Afghan woman this was part of the agreement for these talks and I wanted to make his statement she held her two month old son in her arms as she sat across the table from the Taliban the group has historically denied Afghan woman basics right I is that what it was like sitting across from them as much time informal sessions as informal and inducements as I would have liked tells me she had to step out a couple of times to feed her son but that her husband also an Afghan government official helped take care of the baby when something happened with the stocks.

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