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Point nine zero. So there is a gap between gonzaga baylor and everybody else but there is not a gap between gonzaga and baylor and by the way baylor return from its covid nineteen pause and decanes estate by thirty one no problem so if you wanna take opportunity to apologize to terry teagle alma mater and the first lady of baylor basketball kelly drew. I'd be happy to give it to you. I'm going to hold off on that for now. Although i believe kelly drew listens to just about every episode here i will remind you that that adjusted efficiency margin is not purely based off of results so far. This season is predictive and measure. And we'll be for another. I mean i don't know what palmer is gonna do in terms of when he's only use data from n. season. But that'll be at least another month so but still i. I will remind you that. I don't care okay. By the way. I think he pulled a cfp move here. I will lose this convincingly and you go you. Go florida gators you. Just don't drop them you just you kept them in the same spot. they're bold. what about what about losing to the number one team means you're not the number three team particularly when the number fourteen loss to the same team by more points. I see what you did there. And and that is an important discrepancy by the way because like the power rankings. That they they asked me to do. They're more like. I do have recent bias with them because that's intentional. It's more like a trend list of hot list. If you will so. I will not have iowa third due to the loss but i'm not gonna drop them out of the top ten. That's not going to happen but based on resume and accomplishment and preseason expectation. I think it is reasonable because i actually did like that game could have actually been like twenty. Three twenty. Four point spread i. I could let it get away and it didn't get away. They were never going to threaten to win but they were. Let's say within shouting distance for pretty much consistently in the final seven eight minutes there and so they kept the margin respectable but they stayed social distance. they day were socially distant from gonzaga. Say socially distant gonzaga. When there's no doubt meantime kentucky dropped to one in five after saturday's seventy five sixty three lost in north carolina..

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