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We wouldn't you're you're never gonna agree with that one mean you're never gonna clean every last single point know as much as we may be based rains or whatever you're can always going to be and that always leads to kick conflict with a business because someone doesn't want for your date and always ends up and tom royal so to give a thought. Do you really need the business partner. F f you dorn been. Don't get involved time though on stuff up even if it takes another few years to get through the in goal and not much a business all right now. How many works work our i. Are you putting in your business right now. Are you having fun or does it feel very stressing job. No is a see. I've got a team of people who do a lot of stuff for me. I only work four days a week. And so i've always made it. You know after a one year old kids head on. I want to watch him grow up. And so i have no doubt a business we are. You can outsource delegate stogies seaman and what done but just what smartly unviable to take more tame off so definitely not stressed definitely walk in a lot more in a smart and using automation using team members happened late processes in place. Which leads to you being able to cello about mordon and be a little bit less journalists. What are what are your top sources of income right now. Top sources if i can come I mean i've got i've got. I've got a ton of definitely incomes things. I think my commerce website brings in the most money. But i think you'll have two income streams from same rush of income streams rome new videos of a private affiliates withdrawal over reasonable combined. Probably all of my affiliate stuff combined probably does more than than you know my e communist business bought say yes so probably affiliate marketing sale in tuesday's and stuff like that probably does more than everything else so yeah the affiliate say okay so now the final question and it is an important one. What advice would you give someone who is just a starting or i'll one life advice is limit. Metlife advice from you. What life advice. I mean i think one of advice i would say to. Someone is. don't be scaled things go. Anyone can be anything they want to be. If you want to be the next new potato you can be the next new curtail. There's nothing stopping you. You've obviously got to believe it am. I think you'll what holds a lot of people balked and my and my opinion as the lack ov- taking action in in your people talk if your team people can understand the issue. Do the actually gordon to the actually good take a chance on a website. Do the invest in it properly. And i think that that one thing is taken action as where people feel people skilled or they don't believe they can do or effort adam everything i could be good as you. I could barely believe in sweat. Your computer awed when i was at school so an upbeat able to the reasonable size. A reputation in the industry aunts. You'll make some money on lane annual fat can anyone can. And i think that's the same regardless of what you doing whether it's the issue of whether save being the base player for example you've got to watch out for it seeing lamb available and do the bloody thing bull talk about it..

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