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One that's those from before the lateral into Kenwood chucking removes radio seven hundred WLW no you left early last night yes I did you are there for the the bombing of the king with the Klosterman buns that's another part of the tradition at your best well I understand for that next year two years ago and I don't know how this happened when I was king of Mardi Gras your brother Klosterman losing these guys started throwing bombs at me and I will try to catch one or two and thrown back and I told my daughter about it and she goes I like fun so she and her friends join the Klosterman people to throw bombs so then when the king ship the pastor Sloan and I came back to town we went back and I went over to Klosterman thing and I said well I'm here now let's bomb them with bonds so we did for the past several years as he's coming by up there on the floor he standing up on its own beads out to people mmhm and we sort of being in the bonds and every time we seem to forget it was going to have a judge because one throwback enabling closer guys to deal with this I've I've heard a lot about this tradition I made it a point to be here a city it's a short tradition about sixty seconds long but it's fun so I took two bonds because the parade goes around the room and went to ambush him commando style on the other side of the room smart move to go IBM he picked up like a fist full of the beads yeah and I'm going to map may I mean it was probably five pounds of beads so no thank you as he was irritated was caught off guard mmhm anyway any injuries no no I I dug them well but bottom line I want to have some good news good times good yeah everyone should be there next year it's a good cause all that to another bunch of pretzels were good at that table everything everything's good well the only all right got you covered and I go check my forecasters will do that it is what you see is what you get got to a great day on the way to later today when and whatever drizzle we have turned to some light snow will get a half inch of that overnight most of us and it's going to cool off obviously because right now it's thirty nine a tonight eventually all the way down to twenty six the changeover should come mid to late afternoon depending north to south and then the overnight elegance at twenty six and a half inches the Max tomorrow some flurries floating around and high right around thirty four the sun might come out on the weekend about that right now thirty nine degrees seven hundred W. L. W. got slow here again with my friend Mr bank Mr.

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