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Number one the stanford prison experiment was supposed to last two weeks but it didn't even last one because even fake incarceration can actually break people down another reminder to keep your shit together so you don't end end up in real prison number two the fake guards started really physically abusing degrading the fake prisoners on day one on day one makes you wonder what has gone on a real prisons and time suckers out there who spent time in real prison if you have some insight for us you'd like to share and horror stories you feel comfortable sharing a senate in number three stanford psychology professor philip zimbardo to turn the basement of jordan hall the headquarters of the department of psychology stanford university into a fake prison how fun would it have been to be a psychology professor nineteen seventyone town's kind of awesome number four basically putting the right situation people do things they never thought themselves morally capable of doing so be careful when it comes to the situations you put yourself in number five new info the stanford prison experiment changed the way psychological studies could be done in the us since the time of the stanford experiment ethical guidelines have been established for experiments involving human subjects the stanford prison experiment led to the implementation of rules to preclude any harmful treatment of participants before they are implemented human studies must now be reviewed and founded by an institutional review board or ethics committee to be accordance with ethical guidelines set by the american psychological association these guidelines of all consideration of whether the potential benefit for science outweighs the.

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