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In an actual show with the collection would be lovely to see the actual close in movements into feel has essentially whatever you got an amazing sense of the collection with. The film that Chris Cunningham edited. The footage that on Ombo Close Shaw Ghana. And in Jackie Nicholson mazing photographer May. I'm war. OPPRESSIONISTIC on. Film of the collection of most two of those two things together. You knew the clouds. You undestood the clouds you you got, you got. Attitude will sit up there. You've got the dream, but you've got the reality. I that was incredibly good on. The these these things that gave you a glimpse a Asandra Sartori on Friday doing his Zenya film For the hundred and tenth Zanu was planning to do a huge show physical show in Rivera where the ZANU meals were built under ten years ago and obviously that wasn't muscles. have he'd signed to show you something? You would never be able to see. See Otherwise which was? Three point three Columbia. Cat will which has to end up in the Guinness Book of Records Longest Cat will ever. It wasn't really it was A. It was a three point. Three kilometre trek that the models May. Combining digital and physical through the forest the ZANU. Forest actually is ZANU forest which is. Fabulous I wanted a wolf to. Jump out and grab a model as A. Or Dea to run through Sunday was apparently there. Lots of wools lex woods. And then I moved into the mill to the archives. Save the actual. The weaver, either looms an-and up on the roof where they. Ended with a little more traditional and will outrage scene and Alissandria was waiting for them to talk about the clothes. And all of this was a sort of I guess oil Santa Behind the scenes, but it was. They were wool so intelligence. You know and then, of course Gucci to the. Daddy of the mole with a kind of wool, holy twelve hour point the camera and see what happens. Man Sleeping for eight hours, implies state buildings or twelve hours. This was Gucci. The cameras pointed things happening were happening. WHO.

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