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American Eagle credit union their new name says it all together credit union CBS news legal analyst Kim we'll says the Democrats can check off at least one box she says the case can be made for abuse of power suggesting this is more than just a political exercise here is the separation of powers we don't have a single person or branch in charge were not a monarchy the idea is every branch gets their papers graded by the other two branches in an interview with fox and friends trump blasted how Democrats and handled impeachment proceedings in the house the president also question the witnesses called by Democrats I don't know don't know this guy you Sunderland hardly know him I've had a couple conversations with my siamang around you know when I go to Europe but he was really a the European Union ambassador and all of a sudden he's working on this he also complains that he wasn't given the opportunity to defend himself a maple wood man is admitting to causing the death of a party bus owner in downtown Saint Louis last year Curtis Alford pleaded guilty yesterday to a federal charge the police as Alford admitted a carjacking two women and then running over Mike Arnold in a stolen truck A. June sixteenth Arnold was the owner of the gas gas fund us before he was killed prosecutors will recommend a sentence of twenty five years in prison for Alford clean up is underway to south city gas station where a driver went through the front door first responder surrounded the circle K. on Hampton near forty four at about six fifteen this morning police okay movie the driver had psychological problems and is being treated Major League Baseball has signed off for John Sherman to complete the purchase of the Kansas City Royals Major League team owners were unanimous in their approval of John Sherman's local group to buy the Royals from David glass for about a billion dollars it dressed a meeting in Arlington Texas after the vote I am deeply appreciative.

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