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I did little things like i couldn't afford to go to university so i just started building up by strategic secretarial courses in keeping courses through respondents which nowadays you can do that all on the internet but back then it was in correspondence i'd get books in the mail in i would work on him that's my homework in amsoil started building up that way eventually got myself an office administration job which was which was good i liked it had a great boss who believed in me am treated me well but you know what aboard there too i think i've always been to entrepreneur my my dad was use our producer didn't like nobody liked having a boss i didn't like being told when i had to show up and what i had to do so i started looking around and ended up becoming a financial adviser i started studying to become a financial advisor while i still worked in my office job i got a really big break there and my boss actually said up a group clan for people to put their investment dollars through me while he was still working in the office so i ended up with what a hundred clients it was a mandatory plan they had to put three percent because the company we worked for them have a pension fund so is kind of a way they were finding a lot of good employees to paroling construction company that was run by the government because they had a pension plans so this was his wing setting up a pension fund so that was way first big break when it became a financial advisor but yeah so that that was we start with a hundred hundred clients all at once mandatory into my plan so it was pretty cool i think i ended up like making two thousand a month extra this file so reeser other these are your coworkers better your clients.

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