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Mail of one of our listeners Bill, who is Jenny Han playing for Carol to Santa's of Newtown square Pennsylvania. Do this? All right. Here's your first question Furby of course, the big toy fad of the nineties, but not everyone loved those little electric talking animals. In fact, they were banned where a at the New York Philharmonic after two hours of Furby singing we yummy left attendees, shaken. The British highlands after local kids discovered that the sounds of Furby initiated a mating response in cows. Their pranks caused too many births or see at the Pentagon officials were afraid that Furby could record state secrets. See, yes, you're right. Around these, listen to you and repeated things back and people were afraid at the Pentagon. They could get all our secrets. Here's your next question. The easy, bake oven classic toy, but mostly popular with girls when Hasbro tribe to market the toy to boys, it failed. And that was probably because they did what they called it. The queasy bake cooker Reiter with recipes for mud and crud, cakes and dripping drool dog bones be. They read it TV app. The boy using his easy, bake oven to melt his sisters. Barbie. Or c. just painted it black and rebranded it the automatic food shooter gun. I, I'm gonna guess be be just a TV bad using easy, bake oven to melt his. They had done that. They would have sold them to. What they did was they called it the queasy bake cookery. All boys across America were like, come on. All right, more chance and you can win it all. Here's your last question. Sometimes toys. Teach kids the wrong lesson. Like which of these following Cold War era products a mommy's, a spy, a card game that made kids think their parents were Soviet spies. Be the safe harmless. Giant atomic bomb toy, which would use to shoot fake atomic bombs at your friends where see my first Gorbachev a home tattoo kit. We paid your own forehead birthmark. The final Soviet leader. Oh, wow. But I guess.

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