Neiafu, Metabolic Syndrome, Sympathetic Nervous System discussed on Outside Podcast - The Outside Interview Ep. 11: Doc Parsley Solves Your Sleep Crisis


Strength and conditioning coach is an exercise physiologist a nutritionist helping them designer program and in on these guys it have six pack abson your muscles on their muscles and they and like they're you know physically they look like they're you know they're ready to conquer the world and then i look at their lives and their insulin sensitivity it's like prediabetic rain through just league they're on the there are on the verge of somebody to near neiafu is a thirty pound overweight fifty year old man i would i would be counselling on metabolic syndrome and near prediabetes in diabetes but that's obviously now what's going on with these guys and it was it was asleep issue this not just seals having these problems having a few years ago outside did a story on a strange phenomenon in the ultra running community we're an athlete would dominate the sport for a handful of races and then completely crash as an you weren't even competitive anymore dr scott overtraining syndrome and it's a combination of excessive exercise or an inadequate recovery even when they're not racing for 24 hours straight ultra runners of the type of people who deny themselves rest in order to train that eventually the buddies pera sympathetic nervous system which controls inflammation goes haywire but if you if you look at the ultramarathon it is a couple of things going on right so they are depriving themselves asleep but any time you deprive yourself of sleep your body then has to mobilise energy from somewhere else the next day right you didn't get all of your anabolic repair basically when you sleep energy gets stored away in sells for later use.

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