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And I'll be there this. Coming Friday afternoon at the Austin convention center always. A bunch of fun. To be down there Come and join us and we walk them Jerry. To KLBJ Jerry walk them aboard how are you I'm, great thank you for having me wonderful. Jerry where are you. Calling from today South Boston south Austin USA? Jerry would you? Salo to. Jeff. Gordon, Jeff. Would you. Say a lotta are contested. Jerry, right. Now go ahead Jerry hey Jeff Jerry all right? Here we go? Warm reception. There, by, your Oh He feels Jerry. Cy you just wasn't paying attention to. Anything Ed, said, thanks it is typical for the start of the. Day Jerry, again a family four-pack to the home and garden. Show did you, hear? Jeff we're going to be at the home and garden show our annual trek down. Uniform Yeah I. Do that deck, refinish? Are paying again right right by the bird feeders free two seven three two seven I almost got a snake to bite ED's face. Yeah. It was really scary I'm trying to do a live commercial. Type clients and the snake plops. In my lap thanks we know why guy was walking. Around with a giant snake you're the one who found him. He looked like he might have been a homeless students nake had this big snake in so ads during. This commercial and so the guy brings it over and I guess he's not understanding. That, somebody's actually on the air and so, maybe it's not a great idea. To put a snake in someone's face yeah so this big boa constrictor is big just sort of, staring at ad and so what I try to do. Is, there's a piece of. Candy sitting up on, this, table. So I put the candy and, adds, pockets, the, snake Closer looser. Awesome I didn't know snakes like. Kit Kat bars I didn't know snakes like Telman garden. Shows so they do yeah apparently they do all right Jerry. Here's your first question my friend the great actor Burt Reynolds one of my favorite actors who's going to. Be in another movie soon the new Quentin Tarantino movie premiering next year about Hollywood. He, says he regrets not taking one big, role and this role would have. Made him a even a bigger star and he said he regretted not taking the role after Sean, Connery said no more what role in my talking about JAMES BOND you're exactly right Winner JAMES BOND. Was sixty to. Sixty seven he was offered, the rally didn't take it and then the studio wanted Sean Connery back for a JAMES BOND. And seventy one and Eighty-three but he would have been. JAMES BOND, after Sean Connery he, says the big That would. Have been a big mistake big big deal all right. Jeff here's, your question It's gonna be. Next, they think. Oh yeah, an. African American yeah Good. Actor can't, think of his. Name Good stuff What's? His. Name, Craig, Daniel Craig Craig's bay really nice job taking that to a, dark place very, serious. Place Jeff here's your question college students returning to UT UT's campus for the start. Of school, and Jeff what's the slogan? For UT is it wait till? Next year Visit at. UT where, all hardy or is that? What starts here changes the world What was the second one, was that wait till next year? Now who said Who says that that was that's possible guest challenge why. You would, say we're all, horny because of, the longhorns on all those statutes it's what. If your. Guests this number three which? Is what starts here changes the? World you're right Your What.

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