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ABC news I'm juju Chang another partisan battle is brewing in the Senate ahead of tomorrow's opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of president trump Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has presented a resolution that pushes off any votes on witnesses until later in the process there's going to be a debate about witnesses there's going to be multiple motions we expect from Democrats to call various witnesses we know Democrats what witnesses Republicans talk but there's been a renewed debate about it so we could see some of those theatrics at the top in throughout the trial A. B. C.'s Catherine folders police in Kansas city Missouri say a gunman opened fire on a line of people trying to get into a night club last night a woman was killed fifteen others wounded police say a security guard then shot and killed the suspected gunman peaceful protests in support of gun rights at the Virginia capital drawing thousands from around the country the Chinese government is confirming human to human transmission of a new form of the corona virus this is ABC news I'm unit court has convicted a German man of more than a dozen offenses of attempted murder for tricking women and girls into giving themselves electric shocks while he watched online Italy will lead the way in monitoring peace talks in Libya Italian prime minister Decepticon day says Italy wants to be on the frontline of monitoring peace in Libya after talks this weekend in Berlin there Russia Turkey and other countries called for a ceasefire and arms embargo between two rivals in the oil rich north African country almost two hundred thousand people have been displaced in hostilities between an eastern militia and the U. N. back Tripoli government because Europe is divided over who to back Russia and Turkey have stepped into the diplomatic void escalating the proxy war Meghan Williams ABC news Rome Google's chief executive says artificial intelligence needs to be regulated tell your European audience that the technology has both benefits and negative consequences juju Chang ABC news.

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