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Joining me as always or at least almost always adami. Rose here steve. I suppose it is almost always. Yeah pretty much. I'd say you're you're a pillar of this podcast. How does it feel to to watch movies. That aren't from hong kong. It's a little disappointing. We're still we're still on a good track. At least it's only a matter of time before the bottom drops out. Yeah this is when we have a good streak of things that i haven't decided we should talk about. I mean it's good. We watch nice movies. We get more listeners and then inevitably a few weeks later. I'll be like let's watch like diarrhea. Chainsaw massacre nine you know and then we'll get to downloads. Everyone will hate it so thankfully we're not there yet but i'm sure the time will come also joining us from the west coast jay pila. Hey steve they have me and let me just say. I m a comedian. Not a liar. I have the luxury of honest. That's beautiful jay. And then also a very special guest you may have heard him on the wilpon and you also hear him. Every month on cost of content. Stephen coleman is here. Hello what a pleasure it is to be here to discuss. Probably my favorite actor of all time truly truly and and one of the reasons. Why mr coleman is here is because i met with him in a bar like last week and i was just like. Hey you should. You should do this episode with us. Because we're covering charles grodin today and i was like yeah man. You probably have charles grodin fucking autobiographies. Sit on your bookshelf. And i was just like you know joking around. He's like actually. I do so. We gotta grodin expert this this great before we get started though i just i just want to say like i've been thinking ways to promote the podcast so that we can continue to grow our influence on the internet. I decided today i'm just. I'm just going to become an influence on instagram right. Like that seems like the best path forward right sure does yeah. I heard nothing. I don't respect more. Yeah i and i mean as like a thirty five year old man. That's like that's what influencers are for sure and figured it out. So it's it's pride weekend in milwaukee and there's this this mural that they painted on a wall and it's like a big rainbow heart with a jack daniels bottle in the middle and it's just like you know You gay pride brought to you by jack daniels and then everybody lines up. And they all take their pictures. And i said no thank you..

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