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So that could be an interesting you got some interesting calls the neck. Yeah. There's going to be, you know, hopefully, hopefully, we're entirely healthy. And we're going to have you know, a guy or two on the bench. That's pretty much in everyday player. And is probably you know, it's it's it's gonna be a tough call. But but one that hopefully, we'll be able to utilize in a profound way with versatility throughout the postseason. Yeah. But remember those Yankee teams that one had Tim Raines, Darrell strawberry. You know, chili Davis. Guys, Cecil Fielder guys like that on the bench. Wade boggs. I mean, those guys off the bench with deadly. No question. And and hopefully, we'll have you know, we'll have some of that. And we'll have some guys that are, you know, give us some defensive versatility. If we need to get defensive at some point in the game. Maybe have a key pinch hit in a tough. You know righty on right ear lefty on lefty match up. You know, those are all things that we hope to have if if we get entirely healthy by the end of the year. Does it has you know, I always thinking the season. And there comes a time with the dog days are over the Heat's over and all of a sudden, you know, guys start to get a little refreshed, it feels cooler, and you're supposed to think about fall have you made that turn yet as your team made that turn yet September. Yeah. I think we we have started to make that turn. And you know, we we went through a stretch there where we had, you know, so many games in a row, and we had some doubleheaders in there. And when you talk about those dog days where it's where it is hot where you worry about guys running. Down a little bit. You do see the weather starting to turn a little bit. And hopefully, we'll be able to take advantage of a couple of these off days to kind of keep guys fresh and hopefully turn in a really strong finish. Thanks very much. We'll chat next week. Thank you very much. Appreciate all, right. Thanks. Bye. Aaron lot interesting stuff with the Yankees. Lot of stuff. That's still very much up in the air. Now. Again, we're heading towards Oakland and Oakland's going to push them. See the tough parts of the Yankees. Is this Yankees? Played a Red Sox to last couple of games of the season. There's no way those and let's not talk division title. Okay. The Yankees a nine out with seventeen to play. So let's forget that. So the the Red Sox will not have any in the play for. But the Red Sox might love the idea knocking the Yankees having to make the go play in Oakland. Oakland right now two games behind. That's it. The Oakland closes with the angels. The Yankee close with the Red Sox the Red Sox play spoiler. While the Yankees might have to put the penalty metal those last couple of games just to keep the games from being in Oakland. Now, not putting Houston in the equation, first of all because Houston has gotten red hot there. Now three and a half up on the as and they've gotten. I mean, they've been the last ten days they had lost. And then there was one game. And like ten games they've been on fire. You know, they had the bad stretch. They were banged up. They've been on fire of late. So, you know, that's you send I don't think it's going to catch Houston's one ten of eleven and they want get this afternoon. So I think from that standpoint, you don't even I'm not even thinking about. No. That was last night. I thought they played their games at it. They didn't play. But they've won like ten of eleven games. They're three and a half up. Think of Oakland Oakland, San playing really good baseball. They have a break in the schedule. Because the Yankees have September the Red Sox. They have success with the as they each played a raise. Oakland's going to keep pressing pressing to get that home field in the wild card that to behind right now the Yankees might have to play right to the last day to secure wildcard game at Yankee Stadium while the Red Sox can coast and really tweak them and give them a hard time. So it's going to see how they play that. Also who pitches? Now, they can go to the bullpen very early. But they're gonna start somebody in that game. Like, I said, I think right now Tanaka get the Smalls of over half unless Severino turns it back on haven't seen that happen yet back after this. You bought a truck for a reason to haul your stuff, but to keep your stuff secure get a weather guard defender series truck box at the Home Depot..

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