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Figured out Well Well that's not so he got You think I should handle it and. I, told them. Exactly what politics You're talking about Said well why don't? You just ahead The That's between a, Pearson longtime spokesperson for the campaign speeches with a. Pack, now saying that he, said he's embarrassed. By I don't know what he. Said I'd until I hear a Tabei I got nothing neither here nor. There what even if the tape exists doesn't. Change what I'm Orosa is doesn't change what people think about. Her and it doesn't change. That I would like to know whether or not she committed a criminal. Act she's not a whistle blower. This I'm pretty positive. On we'll see how that. Progresses let's talk about. Women Now I got to admit I'm. Not an expert on comics but it is. Important because lesbians are very upset with that woman which I. Find shocking because bat woman. Is a lesbian right you go back to the into the comic book. Culture we're not talking about back. Girl here we're talking. About bat woman completely different. Type of tight outfit Bat woman Is is in the in the Comics lesbian bring that up because DC because it's DC comic is bringing, it? To the CW the network right they do flash and if you've, never seen. The show. The flash it's great they do they call the, arrow verse started with green arrow which is now arrow That, show is terrific I haven't. Watched the last season or so. But the first few seasons they were they were good they were really really good. Supergirl has turned out to be a good show I can't. Be fun don't get me wrong legends of, tomorrow that's super campy but a lot of fun a, lot of fun of show now they're bringing, bat woman and the actress that. They are bringing forth to play bat woman is an actress by the name of ruby rose ruby rose is in is in the movie, the? Meg that's coming out about mega Don and she's she's been in, some other. Things can't. Say I'm an expert at her filmography she's Australian, and she's a lesbian The character is. Being billed as a Jewish lesbian. I have no idea I have no idea why but okay but she's a she. Is a lesbian she came out at the age of twelve. I believe it is as is reported I, don't know what to do with that information except it's, important to just have the background to understand. What's about to hit you in. The face which is the craziness So here's. This actress who is a lesbian who's. Going to play the part of a Jewish lesbian bat woman and the political left is up in arms and they are up in arms because she, is not lesbian enough She's not lesbian enough. You see she might be bisexual so therefore she's not like real lesbian she's only like sometimes lesbian why doesn't, DC hire a real lesbian now this isn't coming from the political right this is coming from the political left They're disgusted by, this? They can't believe that it's not fair They want to. See even more lesbian from. Their lesbian superhero complaining. About that ruby rose is not Jewish Ruby rose is not Jewish and nobody. Literally nobody saying a word it is cricket over the fact that they made. This character a Jewish lesbian Why I don't know but okay, I guess she's gonna take off Friday nights. I'm not really sure, get your criminal acts going on. Friday nights because that woman she. Shumur Shabbat you might you might wanna. Bring, that one if you can case you didn't know what it is you know if you didn't know It's head That doesn't seem to register in. Anybody's radar the actress is. Not Jewish there is a world. Class show I don't know if you've. Ever seen the marvelous MRs Mazel Which is on Amazon prime and that, show is amazing It is, set in the sixties it's about, this this woman who becomes a comic but her, husband was going to be a. Comic but he's dealing other. People's acts she's writing her own act she. Decides to go out on her own? Is there going to, be a divorce she friends befriends Lenny Bruce and doesn't realize how famous, he is and it's this whole thing and it's about culture and everything else in terms. Of of Jewish life and the, period it's kind of interesting. For sure but that's not the story the story is that the actress, who, plays Mazel MRs Mazel Rachel Brazil bras non b. r. o. s.. NHA an Rachel Brosnahan is not, Jewish she is spectacular in the park and you know how many Jews took to, the streets to protest zero Why we like a good show We just want talent we just want to. Be able to enjoy the thing No. One is protesting the fact that ruby rose isn't Jewish I'm not I say good on you Go. Do the show make. It good DC you. Make terrible movies you. Make fantastic television. Make a great show, I wanna watch I want to watch but if you wanna just an example of how absolutely ridiculous the. Left is the destroying, of their own as. We often discuss they created the monster. They have to deal with. The monster. They are, eating themselves alive Because she's not lesbian enough daft and ignorant you sound actors act and they play parts and sometimes they. Play parts that have, nothing to do with. Their everyday life that's what makes them. Good actors 'cause you believe But that's not what these people want they want well here's. What the character is so therefore here's the person. We have to find exactly to match it's not what they do if that was, the case you would actually have to find to to play the part about women. You would have to find a lesbian Jewish superhero 'cause you know that whoever you're going to pick isn't a superhero in. Real life how could they possibly. Play the part They. Don't. Seem to care they just want what they want. Total destruction based on this identity garbage and they, ruined everything they ruined everything they touch their even understand that they ruin, it they're, not creating fairness democracy creating, decency they're not creating equality they ruin all the good things I say ruby rose you go be bat women I hope the show is great, and to to the people who are making woman I know it's setting Gotham right right that's that's where, all bad things are there in Gotham it's very? Possible for from time to time here I need. A, voice to to implore bat. Woman to to come help. You know maybe a voice that's that's. That's on the radio kind. Of kind of a conscious, conscience of a city that's able to engage that clarion call doesn't have. To be seen but just just a voice a. Somebody on radio with a bit of a presence to say bat woman where are, you when we need you where woman Where That I could do that just a just give me a call and and I'm. Jewish so you, know that's a. Win I'm Tony cats Hammer and Naito. Republican colleagues in, the Senate should follow the rule they set in twenty. Sixty not to consider a supreme court Justice in an election year President Trump, says I would like to put Jesus on the supreme court Chuck Schumer will call for a dismissal of Jesus just. Because Donald Trump's, here it's all..

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