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Gets created by doctor like that in the right canal delivered to their eggs to have babies. That's why Daffy Duck didn't have any kids. So on like their their films about bugs and snails, in which Miss Rosalee need two picks, all of them, and they're amazing. But how in the world did you get interested in that stuff that seemed like such a strain in animal behavior in general and then stand and they have a television channel. Well, and they have several other institution. I mean, the most known is the film festival, where they like to work on experimental film making, And they contacted me, saying they wanted to create a series of short films on the environmental subject as they knew it was a filmmaker and actress and I knew about biology and had a master's degree And I said, Well, I don't know nothing comes to mind and then, like a flash in my head They had a lot of program called Green, You know, green transportation, green housing green, whatever. And I said, Oh, green porno. And that made a series of 40 short terms. You know, in the shop with me saying, Oh, if I were a fly, and then it transform myself into a fly. Of course I think being a model for many years I know how to do costumes, right? Of course. It's amazing the way that you can reproduce. How did snakes do it? You know they have a double Penis. Well, so glad last you want Yuen penises compete or do they work as a team? You know just anything. Li. They only use one at a time. Gina says nine caucuses. Well, Isabella Rossellini, we could talk to you about That all day, but we do have sex and I just want to say, Isabella. This is for our audience here in Chicago. There is a little boy sitting right there, right where I can see him, which has made this whole conversation, so they're comfortable. Well, you either major. That's true. You either made things really difficult for him and his parents when they leave, or you say Give them a.

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