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By pilot who died when his helicopter crashed top new york city skyscraper on june tenth tim mccormack said he did not know where he was shortly before the accident the national transportation safety board also says mccormack had asked air traffic controllers for permission to return to a heliport and then changed direction altitude several times he came within five hundred feet of the heliport before reversing course in striking fifty four story building north of times square no one in the building or on the ground was injured the n._t._s._b.'s preliminary report also shows the pilot was aware of fog and rain in the area but felt he had about twenty minutes to make it out mccormack's flight lasted only eleven minutes i'm joe ramsey rare pink rainbows were spotted yesterday evening and the south and west of england pink rainbows typically appear at sunrise and sunset and they picked because of the position of the sun in the sky at those times of day on wall street the dow was down one hundred fifty two points i'm mike moss tangling kiss of traffic sponsored by liberty for people who love cars the news a little better in snow mccown or a truck pulling a horse trailer caught fire the right lane remains closed now the left lane though is open cars can get through that stretch you're still backed up from sonoma's creek bridge with a sigler in effect lakeville highway is backed up to sleepy hollow dairy road as well that's in the southbound direction credited to the bay bridge westbound is slow east of the eight eighty overpass out to the metering lights which remain on traffic is heavy on the west end of the span as well leading into san francisco california and he'd collector car insurance only haggerty has the expertise and passionate protect your car quote and haggerty dot com slash west or with your local agent traffic i know an ad from bundling home and auto with progressive can save you money on your car insurance no kidding.

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