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The roads, everything it's named after presidents, read system. And trees elm maple. But no, it has that same feel because it was it was simply designed newer. In fact, I think if you were to really want to oversimplify the differences between the US and Europe, it's it's age. When you get down to it. Now, the type of houses people live in the cars that stream it all dates back to the fact that Europe simply older and we built our stuff. That's really it. There's a lot more than that, but I think that's a big loss of is a particularly great place if you have or can develop a love for American history because they have quite a lot there. There's a lot of the national parks, for instance, around Boston, are our historical historic places like the recreation of the first. Steel steel mill iron ironworks or the lull mills, which are the wear. The industrial revolution was invented in or stolen from Europe, you know, brought over to to the US and they still have the working mills there or the freedom trail or the, you know, all of those things that that's, that's the thing. Some things I like about Boston are the historic sites. Yeah, that must be because Boston as well as New York was one of the first cities that Yehiel Europe king. Oh, well, it would be the the most important city in the US in that time period was Philadelphia was the largest city. Okay. Boston would have been one of the biggest ports and New York would have been a major city too, but but not as central event. It wasn't. You've been at the time of the revolution. New York was a more important city in Philadelphia was no Philadelphia was no, I don't. I don't think that's because the first capital I mean as soon as the war was over well washing, he was in New York to first capital would be to capital the kind of congress, which is elsia. They couldn't do it because it was occupied with your in Boston. When the American revolution was fought when it started, we had a really good start of the siege in Boston, and there's some great stuff of the CJ Dorchester and how overnight they Washington all these cannons, and then it kind of what didn't go. So well for us, I've got her ass kicked on the the return and and repeatedly. But it was always interesting when I look back in that be the numbers of soldiers and troops involved in the American of really tiny yet when you're looking at like what happened? A few decades later within a Opole Yanic worse. Yeah, they would have fifty thousand people. I know Easter like skirmishes with that where they had the US that will they're more related to anything was happening Europe before that time here where they were fairly small standing armies and then but then for physical beauty, you know, Acadia, national park in Maine, for instance, is just stunning war some of that area to go to. One of the last remaining national parks have to visit. You haven't been there. Oh. Once after mooned. Acadia national park and we just got back there last year. Yeah, I, I have all the easy ones to visit, so it's I got the Hardouin so they will. I, I only know that I'm flying out of here on the third of August and then landing in Boston, and then I got to stop planning. Where'd you go? I don't know even know if I'm going to office out the res to with it. Well, if you're interested in cultural stuff, could have Red Sox game. Yeah, go. Then we park is the oldest baseball stadium in the US and. I haven't been part. I have been defending, but as European, I really don't understand the Bishop co with somebody who could explain I did. I did that. I did that in Toronto, and that was my first baseball game ever. And I saw a home run and it was great. It's easier to explain American football. But I know that the rules in baseball can get really weird mostly, they're not, but there are there are, you know, you don't try to understand the ball three-strikes out unless they've dropped the ball and getting all.

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