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Wolf rumbold theme song for this year's royal rumble. Disassemble marci brownie. Your listening during rest on another three point five. Fm so before we get into the rumble pay for view. It's time to do a quick check in with retraction pro wrestling last week for the three way dance off. I mentioned that my friend. Mike who was the subject basically of last week through it and stuff was at one point in charge of revolution pro wrestling and actually i meant to republic pro wrestling revolution. Pro wrestling is out of the uk. And as far as i know he's never been to the uk not that you know necessarily automatically says he wasn't the head of it because he's never been there but you know not that that's the reasoning that he wasn't in charge of it but i jazz a mistake and i will ever to make as few of them as possible in future which means i'll probably making more royal rumble took place january thirty first and was broadcast from the wb thunderdome hosted at tropicana field in saint petersburg florida during the royal rumble. Kickoff show queen's regiment raw women's champion oscar and charlotte flair defended the. Wb women's tag team championships. Against fighting from underneath. Nyah jackson queen of spades shayna baszler journal match. Wwe hall of famer. And roy rick. Flair came out with lacey evans to distract his daughter continuing that story line on on raw as the queen applied to figure eight leg. Lock on bet's ler evans. Broke it up. The climax lacy performed a women's right on charlotte. After which jack performed a leg drop on her to regain the title thus naive and shayna became record tying two-time champions both as a team and individually so unfortunately that also meant that oscar ended up losing the women's tag team titles so as i mentioned last week and as i mentioned on a semi regular basis here on ring rush whenever i have to celebrate something for oscar i placing guns and roses because someone asks her a number of years ago on twitter while who favor band was and she said guns and roses conversely though every time i have to commiserate some loss for oscar not just any loss or any win but like a title usually or something big to celebrate or commiserate. I also plays in guns and roses. You best Seem i show consider making the donation. Adriaan dot com slash.

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