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Deemed a threat to george bush because he was Invading iraq at the time. And so they wanted to do the hippy. Bus the hippies blame the hippies trump chided everybody tries to you know blame the hippies and that's what they came after me the hit. You weren't really happening when they came after me. And i was say the kind. That's we'll give a while. He sells bombs. We'll get him. John and also the fact that i'm not white you know chinese i was the only guy that went to jail. You know and so there's a lot of racism was involved in that. If you're away you're fine. Then they're not gonna put you in jail. They didn't put drone baker or In jail but they give house arrest with me. They put me in jail. Because chong see those terrorists and then they blame me for The the proceeds of the bond sales go to fund terrorism the billions of dollars. That group a bogged. We were still in debt with that bomb company. A that was kind of like a it was a it was a. They did us a favor when we got us a. you know. we're selling great glass. But we weren't making any money because we're paying all of but no you know everything that happened to me was it turned out to be a blessing. The jail turned out to be a blessing and made me a martyr. You know a a look at that. We're talking now. You know. I'm in demand because of what i went through and what i went through really was a beautiful. I turned up the prison into a religious retreat. I was. They had sweat lodge there and i was at that sweat luxury saturday. Just my wife lobby. She'd come and visit me. And i'd say hey listen to any. I got a cut his visit short. I gotta go do the sweat lodge and she driven two hours as you had two hours to drive back and also got a real man gender a look. We got to cut this. No i'll tell you man. I you know would knowing what i knew and by the way i see. I transformed that prison. Are you know what. I ended up making bombs. They put me out in the garden. 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And so i ate like a beautiful vegetarian all the whole time i was there. I will need in the mess hall. Because i wanted to. I didn't have to. But i wanted to have that prison experience so so a couple of times. I took a meal in in the mess hall. But for the most. Because i want do enjoy all the prison experience. And there's a running track. You know a mile quarter mile ernie track and every night. We'd walked with watch that track and and talk and visit. And you know you. You could play pool. You can play baseball. You can play. They had a football team Field They had Botchy ball court which other played botchy ball. I mean there is a it was a resort was resort and it was fun.

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