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Maybe somebody should get on that because it really helps in this fight. He finally is facing off with ricky like we will finally see this guy and he is again not explained why but he stealing the money. I'm trying to connect him to ten billion. There's a pile of money to sitting there at millennium tower. He's there shirtless wanting a fight. And he's pretty good at this fight but is he going to get in the chopper with evil politician. Is he going to betray that politician. None of this is clear. I thought he was the guy in the chopper until later on we see what goes on yeah. I know it's really confusing. This ending like to confusing like up to this point. I've been okay with this movies. Games of conceal and reveal but now is the time to really explain all the connections. There should not be much confusion and confusion reigns. i mean. I'm just baffled by nick curie coming in here at the end. Yeah yeah this whole thing. I'm trying to take stuff from the game to explain what's going on because so much of this is like the game but at this point i stopped caring. I'm just trying to enjoy the fight. You know watching noshki. Just repeatedly kick key ru in that bullet wound. I'm like ow that has to hurt. I'm just trying to enjoy the fight for the fight because the plots out the window. Yeah i think that's again. It's been signaled another miki movies. At some point. He just dispenses with the story and just goes for the crazy. Wants you to be baffled. I feel like and he succeeded is really baffling. I don't know if this fight is good enough to sustain it though. Like i wanted it to be a little more epic. I feel like we've been building up to some kind of ill and we wanted to see some kind of fight. He's finally got his shirt off. He's showing that dragon on his back. But it's under a minute. It's not as good as any of the funds. Goro no right exactly. Yeah and if everything in this last seen isn't directly tied to the game than i am just super confused as to why it's in here you know i understand. You need to end your movie on a big boss fight but why the big boss fight isn't with the big boss who came in on the helicopter. I don't know if this is his main henchman. that should have been established. But i'm not sure if they're connected at all. I have trouble even understanding the cut scenes from the game at this point like it's a big twist supposed to be that you've been looking for mizuki but mizuki is you me and i'm kind of just figured that out from the very beginning i mean and why doesn't the little girl. No the aunt is the mother in the prologue. You me after her sexual assault like wandered away in almost like dissociate fog like she seemed to in order to cope with the trauma. She just went through. She became another person. So i think this is the say that she went so far as to get a plastic surgeon and literally become so that the acc could never do that to her again. I don't know in the game. She didn't actually get raped. She married jingle. Oh wow okay and her. Ruka is jingu's daughter. Oh well that explains why. She's here maybe she seems to have the bomb specifically to kill jingo so he's a target. Yeah okay because jingle left her to marry the prime minister's daughter to make more money okay. Yeah but her appearance here in her actions are just like the culmination of a plot to a different movie at this point. Yeah and poor park actually shoots jin goo but why you means bombs going to kill him in a second anyway. Park shoots to people at accomplishes. Nothing yeah but at least he got it done first dibs you. Don't you really didn't end up needing park. And by that. I mean that he. He didn't really accomplish the assassination and so that's kind of disappointing for him. Maybe he doesn't experience it that way. But everything's blown up here and all the money that ten billion that was sitting there is now raining down on the streets. Ironically this is when the robbers choose to give up in the all. The money that they've been wanting to get out of the vaulter is now raining down upon them worth pointing out to the inspector dante. The one that had had such a hard case the last ten years with his wife leaving him manal notice he picks up some money himself and walks away. He grabs it out of mid airy does quite the catch there. It's yeah i'm thinking that maybe he's walking away from the force or at the very least he feels like he's owed. He's walking away from the straight and narrow law enforcement and again everyone here is kind of a criminal one question i have about this ending before we wrap it all up is. Is this helicopter at all. Part of the game like the way this thing flies in and like is almost harassing people on the ground and banking into buildings and he's drunk. Yeah maybe had some of that energy drink. There's a bunch of helicopters in yakuza two. I don't recall any of them ever bouncing around like monkey ball. Yeah it just the way it was done just felt i mean we've said before cartoony it almost felt like it had to be referential to something other than just being thrown into this movie that it didn't feel like it needed to be in but did this movie need to be at all justin stewart. You recommend like a dragon justin. This is an odd duck. You know. I mean i can't just run up say i hated it because it has style and i enjoyed the performance of quite a few people. Here there's moments that. I was literally enjoying the movie but at the end of it i walk away not knowing what happened. Who half these people were. What any of their motivations were in really just don't know what happened. I have just questions and demands with yet. They're questions that. I don't even feel like i need to have answered so it didn't grab me in a way that i feel like. Oh jeez i. I need to find the stuff out. There's got to be better movies in the genre. For people to watch i can't recommending of business isn't this isn't my bag you know i'm not a i'm not a big fight movie guy you know so if if you're looking for a recommendation there i'm sure somebody else can help you out so this movie had me having dreams about it and i feel like i had anxiety because i feel like wasn't following. It was cultural differences. I don't know but at the same time it's not terrible it's not a piece of dog dung like some of these other movies we've seen. Yeah you will. yeah. I'm not gonna dog on it too hard. It might be. Somebody's cup of tea. So i mean. I guess if you're fan of this game and you want to check it out it's worth checking out but i would be chomping at the bit to find out what happens next her for part two or anything. It didn't make me wanna play the game. I feel like i have more questions. So i'm just saying. I'm gonna give it a mild not recommend stewart. Yeah when i found out about this again. I was really excited about like cool. Like here's a director that i've always wanted to cover that. I don't know how we would ever cover. Maybe if we did one miscall but it's not as best work but yeah miki doing a video game. Movie had a real chance of being the best video game movie ever made like i actually thought. Wow this could be epic. And here's the thing when you think about the fights guru in particularly it is. He's the perfect director to translate that kind of carnival craziness but the problem is because this is in elliptical storyline in which we have to infer drama that's going on amongst the characters from decades before that ain't his bag. I mean he really is clumsy when it comes to motivation. And i don't think any of his movies. Can i ever think about them. Being psychological character studies which tiny need here in order to really invest in order just to do it. I think you're talking about of like really wanting the answers like i agree like i left this saying well. That was kind of interesting and puzzling over it. I didn't have any dreams or nightmares. But i definitely. I sat with this one for a little while. Trying to figure it out and then the end the mysteries aren't tantalizing enough to expend the brain power. I do feel like there's something a little bit underwhelming about all of this and yeah. I'm a little bit disappointed. But thinking about all the shit we've had to watch this video game retrospective. I did enjoy enough here. To disorder of casually recommended for it's carnage. It's not a good movie again. I was never bored. I i would say that. I was drawn into it. Played around in it and then disposed of it quite easily..

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