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All for stadium. That's it for gaming news today today. Is Bungee apparently? I don't really know what that means. Maybe some destiny events that haven't been announced at the time of this recording, but. Happy Bungee Day I guess. I received a tweet from at Forest Lastman about of the damn that I appreciate they wrote gaming. Ride Home Info shadows of the damned isn't necessarily as. It was published as part of the EA partners program, which also included gains like Leopard at and rock band which are Ip's owned by the developers so? Without correction in mind, it sounds like the IP did not necessarily need to be reacquired by grasshopper manufacture, which makes sense in retrospect considering the IP was prominently featured, and Travis strikes again no more heroes on switch. In any case, I still hope to see some kind of return for shadows of the damned, a director's cut remastered or something I would be totally into that another quick correction here from at Mitton faced ladd, who tweeted gaming ride home, twitter account to say. Hey, just a quick correction wanted to say the shadow warrior series actually came back in two thousand thirteen as a reboot, not with its two thousand sixteen sequel shadow warrior to both were pretty positively received at their respective times. Thanks for that correction admitting faced lad much appreciate it. If you yourself have corrections or just be back in general, feel free to send me tweets or DM's to either at Kyle Hilliard at gaming ride home, or you

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