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We appreciate it thanks jobs great show yeah thank you eighty wouldbe so when you break the nasa wrecker bonanza yes he won he was it so he was it smu michael carter was when asked him you was like you know the monster he was there in the earth's 80s yeah the rick james yeah tony excess writes that he was drafted use drafted by the foreign honors in in in an 84 drafts a yeah he was there when a role he won three super bowls uh went three probowl you seen eric dickerson yeah it looks like he could film pads right now man he told us her house alqar atoll herschel herschel in bo were both at the sec championship game couple of weeks ago i talked to both on the sideline and and it is plenty herschel looks like and herschelle really believes he could go play right now and well he looks like it does to what i love about dixon his he still committed to the glass your me like like rex banks bro liz he's got when he's got him all man he's got nazi that's that i think about ellie rams dickerson let lucked that looked like the human fly with his glasses on my buddy ma ma ma best childhood friend is a dude named mark vinson he's a trainer for the tampa bay raise now abed him we call in bones my whole life so bones had these ridiculous i mean they were ridiculous rick specs they were they were blue oh leica they were like a columbia blue with red earpieces and like the chaos they they had like the croaky s before they had like a last icban around the bat yeah yeah and they were shaped like revenge of the nerds sza so bones with though on his helmet and little league and the beast galazov underneath them and all we used to just kill him we used to just wear him out about those glasses so mean but am but then man eric dickerson head to wreck specs there and all of a sudden bones was the quiahua wanted him honor man i want they arrived aca russ for two thousand yards wear knows thus radd baby so it's amazing when a cool person take something that's no wasn't cool and macy's who s so.

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