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There's going to be going to be free content as a little bit of where you just donate just a little bit. And you can finance the whole thing. If you choose to do so. The more money. We get the more. We can wrestle shift away from making a living and and doing the doing animation and revolutionize deviation industry worldwide. There you go. Stuff since you're premiering this at aero week after Sunan fund darn I won't be able to go. Since you're premiering scenario. Are you going to do it in Deutsche you're going to do it in English English English English just aviation thing, which yeah, it is? So I was just curious. It's you're doing it. You're premiering it at a German air show. How goes to search for voice talent? Well, we're still searching, but we've got a couple of plants. So that's. Some some inner. How do you say it's one of one of the hardest parts because like the big famous aided chose lake family guy or south park. This started on with their own voices. You know, we can't. I mean, I maybe I can do UN's because he has a German ex. But I can't convince my own characters said we have to find people, but we always already stretched out our tentacles soon. Grabbed talia. Exactly. Yeah. Well, what a project that's pretty impressive. That's really impressive. We have a certain voice in the hit. So it's gonna be it's going to be the toughest I think say having not animated anything, but that was going to say Asian as the easiest part. Maybe alleged definite answer that. But yeah. Yeah. The H Axat. How's your chicken? Can you sound like a chicken? So launch pad. This is this is fun stuff. There ought to be something that we could do to kind of engage our listeners with chicken wings. Oh, there is he talked about books. They've published six books and what we're gonna do is. We have brilliant idea. Mike and Stefan came up with a great idea is these guys out of the goodness their heart have donated not one but two sets of books of their two latest books chicken wings five which was. Right behind me, turning crosswind, turning crosswind and book six check six and all you have to do to be eligible is send is go to the chicken wings website. We'll put a link in the show.

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